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Daily Celebrations

For many years the Congregation published a newsletter for its members called “The Crescent.” One of the most popular features of The Crescent was a calendar of daily celebrations honoring Goddesses and other items of interest to Goddess women. De-Anna Alba, Author of The Cauldron of Change created it.

Posting these celebrations provides a way to share a spiritual practice with other women in the Congregation. Please be aware that all of the ideas posted are suggestions. You are not required to do them or required to do them as written. If you are unable, disinterested, or unwilling to do anything please feel free to ignore the suggested activity. The important thing is that you celebrate your spirituality as a Goddess Woman, not that you participate in any specific activity. As many of the suggested activities require items that you may need to find or for which you might need to plan, checking a date in advance can enhance your preparations. We hope you enjoy these suggestions and that they bring depth to your path.