Around the Motherhouse Blog


Her little hands rested trustingly on the big spoon. The Grandmother's larger gnarled ones covered them, gently guiding the motion.

"Now be sure, Liliana, that you think only of your intention as you stir." she was saying to the child.

"I am, Gran." the girl's green eyes sparled with an impish glow like that of the larger ones she looked up at. "I am chanting in my head."

"That's good, little one. Allow no room for anything else in there, and we will be successful." She leaned down and kissed the soft curls. Almost done, now. Count with me thirteen more turns."

"Oh, yes!" The child squirmed with excitement.

This is the essence of Majik. Complete trust in the Grandmothers, absolute concentration on intention. No room for doubt, no room for fear, no room for anything except childlike innocent expectation of success, and absolute acceptance of The Mystery. Remember when you were a child and you could complacently accept that a fairy would come in your window and leave gifts under your pillow when you slept as payment for a lose tooth? Remember your sense of excitement at the gifts that you knew you would find? That sense of trust and belief, absent any rationalization, self doubt or fear, is the very thing that will allow us to manifest that which we seek.

In this time of Great Changes, when our Mother turns the wheel of the eons, during this moment when the veil is thin, we gather in the hills to connect and to affirm our trust in ourselves, our sisters, our mothers, our grandmothers and our daughters and their daughters and their daughters and their daughters. Whether or not you will physically attend, I ask you to for the next two turns of the moon to suspend your disbelief and trust. So may it be with us all.