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The World Turns

So...who would have thought, 20 years ago, sitting in the backroom of the Alternatives Corner Bookstore on Long Island, that today we Democrats would be choosing between a black man and a woman in the Presidential primary?

In those days, I was in my late 20's. Every Thursday night, I would make my way to West Hempstead to attend the Thursday night discussion group, hosted by the venerable Becky Bly. We talked and argued and learned and laughed. We raised our consciousness. We bonded and became a community. A lesbian feminist community. It was the middle of Regan's second term. There were two women in the Senate; Nancy Kassenbaum of Kansas, and Paula Hawkins of Florida. The indefatigable Barbara Mikulski would join them the following year.

I remember being in my old Jeep with my friend Lauren after one such group. We were on the way to "the bar". We were talking about how we would like to se the world. I remember saying that someday, somehow, some way; a woman would run the country. When that happened, the world would be a better place. I remember Lauren saying that she thought a black person would be elected before a woman would. We discussed the state of the American culture, and disagreed about which would come first, and which would offend America more.

And today, here we are. The Indiana primary is in four days. I will not tell you how I will cast my vote, or try to sway anyone either way. I am simply commenting on the state of our culture, and the "progress" of our struggle. I find it amazing and gratifying that my 16-year-old daughter thinks of Hillary as the establishment candidate. When I was her age, the establishment consisted of people like Reagan and Nixon. I see progress.

In my personal life, I see progress too.

In those days, I was a drug-addicted thug. I was a street kid who played lots of pool at the bar, got into lots of fights, slept with any woman who would agree. 1986 was the year I began my long journey to my self. It was the year following my first trip to Michigan, my discovery of Dianic witchcraft, my first time meeting Jade River and Lynne Levy, my first Thursday night discussion.

If you could travel back in time and walk into that bar, and if you could tell my friends there that in 20 years I would be living in the wilds of Indiana, raising children, and preparing to be ordained by RCG, they would laugh like hell. If you told them that in 20 years, we would be choosing between a black man and a woman in the Democratic Presidential primary, they would ask you for some of whatever you were smoking.

The world turns. The journey continues. I look forward to the next 20 years.