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On the End of the World: Thoughts on the New Age

The Wheel turns. We stand at the precipice of the new Age. Like any change, this one will be accompanied by bumps in the road, adjustments, and temporary discomfort. But THIS change, THIS turn, THIS moment is change on a monumental and global scale. Welcome, my sisters and beloveds and Bredin to the Age of Aquarius.

And at this moment, here is where our Tribe stands: We KNOW one another. Our Guardian Order has re-formed and our members are able to perform independently or as a group. We are of one heart. Our Priestesses are active and in contact. Our Shamans, our healers, our artists, our scholars, our Guardians, our ritualists, our teachers, our Priestesses; each pursues Her own task, living in awareness of our Beingness.

And the apocalypse? We have lived through an apocalypse that started 2500 years ago, that may well have made our Tribe extinct. And there is no reason to go into the whole horrific herstory. Each of us wears it and lives with the knowledge every day.

And yet, we remain. We survive. We have Re-formed, and are living our Tribal culture, within the bounds of what is possible in this physical plane. We continue to research, building on the monumental contributions of Gimbutas, Monaghan, Stone and all of our scholars. ASWM continues to do its work and share its knowledge. And we each continue to practice our individual callings, doing the work of our Mother.

AND we continue to keep the home fire burning brightly, only now when the Wolves come home, there are others of their kind at the perimeter and tending the fire to welcome them back to the pack. All of our women continue be a beacon and a home for those who arrive after we did.

THIS Guardian would say that the state of our union is strong and healthy and wise. And that it continues to grow and evolve.

I give thanks to the Mother for the great blessings of my personal life; my wonderful relationship with my beloved, my comfortable home, my deep and abiding connections to my Priestesses, the unbreakable and indescribable bond with my Bredin, my warm and fulfilling friendships near and far away, and the great good fortune to finally know where I belong and the joyful enlightenment of my transpersonal connections.

May we all prosper and thrive, may our Tribe continue to grow and be a beacon, may we remain strong and connected and healthy and wise. My wish for the new millennium is for every womyn to find her place and her safety and her confidence and her work. And for the hearts of each of us to be healed and fulfilled.

Happy Solstice, everyone. Today the light begins to return. May it find you well and happy. Love, Kip.