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Got is Day

~Four Reasons for Hope~

As a Goddess Womoon in a patriarchal world, it is too easy to feel depressed and devoid of hope. Patriarchal destruction is everywhere: oil leakages in the Gulf, mining companies ravaging sacred mountains, the rape and silencing of wimmin everywhere. I watched a movie made for young children the other day that depicted a male dog whistling and ogling a female dog. Disrespect and violence towards wimmin and the earth is not only rampant in our culture, it is a form of entertainment.

And yet...

Recently each of my three children did something that gave me a reason for hope. They are small, simple things. And yet they are huge. Each of their small acts has given me hope for a kinder, gentler future where sanity rules and we walk in balance with the earth.

My first reason for hope:

Zeke, 7 years old: I came home from work the other day and lying on the table on our front porch was a beautiful picture painted by my 7 year old son. On the top he had written GOT IS DAY. I had no clue what it meant, but the image underneath the words was unmistakable. A large tree. Animals. Spirals adorned the edges of the page. I asked him what the words meant and he said: GODDESS DAY! (He is just learning to sound out words phonetically, so "GOT IS DAY = GODDESS DAY. Get it?) He said he was thinking of the Goddess and all of the Earth and wanted to draw a picture to make Her happy.

My second reason for hope:

Oliver, 5 years old: The other day we witnessed a man hitting a dog. We know the man and he is usually kind and compassionate, but has been going through a rough patch lately. We went over and talked with him and calmed everyone down and everything turned out okay. Yet the image stuck in Oliver's head. Later that night, out of the blue, Oliver came into my bed and said, "Mommy. Instead of hitting that dog, that man could've just used his words. Right?" I smiled and said, "Right." Indeed, Oliver, indeed.

My third reason for hope:

Josie, 12 years old: Every summer my daughter stays with my parents in Kentucky for several weeks. When she returned from her trip this year she handed me a homemade card. On the front were pictures of flowers and the earth. On the inside my daughter composed these words for me to read: "THIS IS MOTHER NATURE. AND SHE IS THE GIVER OF ALL LIFE AS IT IS. WITH HER COMES A SMALL BAG FILLED WITH MAGICAL TOKENS." The card came with a bracelet she made of beautiful blue stones.

My last reason for hope:

Zeke, (again): Over the past month, Zeke has corrected everyone who says girl instead of woman, or calls a thing in the masculine when the gender is unknown. For example, "Look at the beautiful butterfly. He is flying so high." Zeke will correct whoever speaks this and say, "Maybe it is a she, not a he." That-a-boy, Zeke. Mama is so very proud of you!

And I am proud of each of my children. They are learning to walk in balance with the Earth in all her manifestations and to care for all of the creatures who call this planet home. And they are learning to respect wimmin and non-violence. They are the voice of the future.

These are my reasons for hope. What are yours?

by Jennifer June Sterling, Goddess mother of three wild and beautiful souls.