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desire. [dih zahyr] v.
1. to wish or long for
2. to crave
3. want

4. a longing or craving
5. an expressed wish
6. sexual appetite or a sexual urge

Every year, as the Earth circles towards mid-Spring in the northern hemisphere I prepare to honor that aspect of the Earth, the Goddess, and myself known as "She-Who-Desires".

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One More Look into the Deep

Last year, as the Earth prepared to turn towards Spring, I had a dream in which I was the Keeper of Time, She-Who-Turns-The-Wheel. And as I was getting ready to turn us towards Spring, a Sidhe came forth from the darkness, biding me to wait, waitÖ.there was something yet to be done in the dark of the year.

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The Fact Is ...

~The Adventures of KaliMama~

Parenting Fact: You are only as happy as your least happy child.

This is especially true if you are a sensor, an empath, or an old-fashioned co-dependent. And when you are a parent of multiple children, well, the chances that all your children are happy at the same time decreases dramatically.

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An Ode to Mister

~The Adventures of KaliMama~

I met my husband 14 years ago. I was taking my two dogs to the vet in my pick-up truck when I saw another dog in the middle of a busy road. At the time, I lived at the base of Mount Hood in Oregon - so while the area was remote and quite wild, the main road that went through the town I lived in was heavily traveled because it was the only corridor from Portland to Mount Hood. In other words, being in the middle of that road was an extremely dangerous place to be for a small dog!

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~The Adventures of KaliMama~

Faith [feyth] - noun: 1. belief that is not based upon proof. 2. reliance or trust in a person or thing. 3. a system of religious belief. 4. loyalty, sincerity.

Faith is listed as a noun in the dictionary. It is a "thing" (as in a noun = person, place, or thing). I find this fascinating. I have always experienced faith as a verb; as something I "do", (as in "act act of faith"). But understanding faith as a noun defines it as a state of being, not of doing. I am intrigued by this subtle nuance between verb and noun, between being faith and doing faith.

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