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Warrior's Release

While the warrior's eyes saw the flock of sparks that danced against the black sky as fingertips of red and gold released them from the top of the bonfire, her mind did not register their beauty. She was aware of the rough texture of the stump upon which she was perched, but again, the thought did not register in her conscious mind. In fact, at the moment, her mind was blank. The noise of the women who had gathered around the fire, the coolness of the night air, the blazing heat of the big fire all seemed to be very far away. She simply sat, staring into the base of the flames.

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As I am preparing for the Samhain, I take a moment to look out the window and observe what Mother Nature is doing at this time of change. How does She prepare for the journey into the Deep? What is the process that She undergoes to face the cold and dark side of life/the universe? The fact that at She is preparing for Her time in the Deep is unmistakable, if only one pauses to look at Her.

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Drops of Water

so..I am sitting in the Motherhouse, listening to Meg Christian sing "can we be like drops of water, falling on a stone..." and I am doing my work for the Tribe. Now, I have heard this song a thousand times. But somehow, today, the words sunk in. These are the words:

"Can we be like drops of water, falling on a stone? Falling, breaking, dispersing in air...weaker than the stone by far, but beware time goes by the rock will wear away."

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When Did The Crazy Train Arrive and Why Did I Get On?

~The Adventures of KaliMama~

Okay, what evil gremlin sneaks into my kid's room each morning and intravenously injects them with 30cc's of pure adrenalin? Seriously, my kids give the phrase "hit the ground running" a whole new meaning.

And it's not that I am not a morning person. I am. I love getting up pre-dawn, making a fresh cup of coffee (or tea, depending on the phase in my life) and watching the morning news (or meditating, again, depending on the phase I am in). But for my adrenalin filled tots, morning consists of no less than literally bouncing off the walls and shrieks of joy - or pain, usually one followed by the other. It's like watching kick-boxing for crack addicts all before the wee hour of 7am! Even our dog rolls his eyes and hides from them. (The cat runs outside the second they are awake; the smart girl.)

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Star Dust

~The Adventures of Kalimama~

Every Summer Josie and I stay up late one night during the first week of August. We drive out of town to a remote country road, get out of the car and, standing amidst corn taller than us, look to the heavens in hopes of seeing a shooting star or two. The Perseid Meteor Shower occurs when our planet moves through a particular point in its journey around the sun where there happens to be a lot of cosmic debris flying around. The result is a spectacular display of shooting stars - nature's fireworks. Every year, Josie and I get excited as the time draws nearer. This year, Dave and the boys came along too. Unfortunately, they didn't have the patience to sit and watch the heavens, so our trip ended early with only one shooting star witnessed. Even so, the family had fun and all asked to do it again the next night.

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