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Unlocking the Mystery One Dream at a Time

Dmitri Mendeleev discovered the Periodic Table of Elements.

Why should you care? I imagine that the Periodic Table doesn't evoke many warm and wonderful memories for most of you. In fact, the opposite is probably true - you were most likely introduced to the Periodic Table around 6th grade when your middle school science teacher pulled down a curtain containing a larger than life chart. It was probably around that time that your eyes glassed over and you thought - how the hell am I going to pass this class?!?!

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She looks even more like the Fairy Queen than ever in her ceremonial garb. She notices me out there, and is not fooled for a moment, even though I am striving to appear casual as I lumber past the space they will be using for the Trance Dance.

I am one of the tribe's Guardians. Strolling around the grounds of the Gathering is kind of what I do. To the casual observer, I am not doing anything. But the Queens and the other Guardians know; I am working. I am observing, reading the scene. A moment's conversation, a flirtatious remark, a casual touch on the shoulder are, to those who recognize, the tools I use to move the energy.

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To Feel Hunger

The other day my daughter didn't want to eat her dinner, so threw most of it away. Two days later, my middle child begged for a snack because he was soooooooo hungry. I let him have a yogurt which he proceeded to eat two bites of and then dump the rest out. At the store my youngest insisted on having a certain type of cereal that once he tried refused to eat ~ it still sits in the cupboard, uneaten to this day. Apparently no one likes it.

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The stones in the wall were as cool on her back as the sun was warm on her forehead. The summer season had begun to fade, and the stones retained the night's cold well I into the morning. She sat, propped against the low hearth wall, sharpening a blade for one of the hunters. Her right shoulder felt warm. Bean's shoulder did not actually touch hers, but its warm presence was reassuring. Bean concentrated on the short bow she was re-stringing. The rhythmic sound of her sharpening stone lulled Tem into a state of complacency.

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The first thing the warrior noticed was the smell of sage. She lay there, breathing in the comfort of the smell as the fog slowly receded. She moved her head from side to side slowly, scrubbing her forehead on the pillow beneath. She pushed her shoulders upward and was rewarded with a sharp stab of pain. Opening her eyes to a dimly lit space, she turned her head fully. A cool hand touched her face softly, and a familiar melodic voice spoke, "You are home, Tem. You made it."

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