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Yesterday I Cried

Sigh. Dammit. Dammit! Dammit! DAMMIT! I just found out my friend Jennifer has stage 4 breast cancer. Although I can count on one hand the times I've spent with this friend, we have a special bond because 1, we share the same name, 2, we both have sisters named Amy, and most significantly, 3, we both had still born baby boys on February 12th. It was a year ago that she lost Clayton and in between that time she became pregnant and gave birth in January to a beautiful little girl. At her 6 week check up they found the cancer. Death. Birth. Cancer...all in the space of a little over 365 days! So last night, I cried. I was overwhelmed with grief and I cried.

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The Warrior's return

Blood oozed out from the edges of the bandage that lay over the burning wound in her shoulder. It felt warm and sticky as the hot sun dried it on her skin. Her tired legs continued to move automatically, her labrys' thumped in a soft heartbeat on her back as she walked on. The dawg tagged along, keeping her silent company in the daytime and serving as silent sentinal in the night.

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A Message from Spirit:Grayson's 2nd Gift

~The Adventures of Kalimama~

Last year I wrote my blog about my son Grayson. He was stillborn on February 12, 1997, (see archives to read that blog). And, honestly, I did not intend to write about him again this year. But something happened that made this year different from years past.

Grayson's birthday this year was like every year. Nothing spectacular happened, at first.

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A chance for a real change


For all of the years I have been here this time, I have viewed myself as an outsider. In fact, I have prided myself on the idea that I have lived outside the bounds of the Patriarchy. For much of my life, I have distained all that is part and parcel of this society.

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Dreaming in the Deep

~The Adventures of Kali Mama

I had a dream last night. I was on a small island. In my dream I was walking around the perimeter of the island, along the shoreline. I walked in a counter-clockwise direction. And as, with each step I took I moved the wheel of life. Each step moved the Wheel -- Winter-Spring-Summer-Autumn; day became night became day.

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