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Woman, Know Thyself!: A Daughter's Gift to Her Mother

~The Adventures of Kalimama~

Josie's test results have not come in yet, (see my August blog). In the meantime, I am doing what every good Goddess woman does at times like these... I am doing magick. Of course, I am also journaling a lot, reading a lot, and eating...a lot. But, I am lighting a candle for Josie every day while envisioning her both inside and out with loving white light. My faith allows me to know that she is held within the light and love of the Greatest Mother of all - the Goddess.

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Passing the Torch


OK, I have chastised many of you for talking about politics.....thats my job.....but as a woman....

OMG I listened to Hillary's speach at the Dem convntion tonight.....and

"if you can hear the dogs, keep going! If you can hear them shouting. keep going!..."

she quoted Tubman.....

she was passing the torch...

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Becoming A Woman

~The Adventures of Kalimama~

It's Friday morning. Early. 7am to be exact. I am at the hospital with my daughter. She is getting an EEG done. An EEG is a test where they measure her brain waves for any abnormal activity. Since she has to fall asleep during the test, I was instructed to only allow her to have 3-4 hours of sleep last night. Which, of course, meant that I only got 3-4 hours of sleep as well. Sigh. So I am tired too and the bed they offered me looks inviting. But there is something I need to process about all of this.

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The Turning Point

Here we are again, at a major turning point. Our tribe has seen many of them over the centuries. This one seems particularly acute, perhaps due to the fact that it is in the present time. I know we all feel the suspense in the very air we breathe. We are aware of the world around us. We can feel the life force of our Mother as it ebbs and flows. And so it must follow that we sense the approach of a monumental moment in time.

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Becoming A Woman Of Power

~The Adventures of Kalimama~

My prayers and meditations often take the form of a question. Most recently, I have been meditating on the nature of Power. What is it? Where does it come from? What is authentic power and how does one manifest it in ones life?

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