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Fiction Brought Home's something from the realm of truth that sounds a lot like a good fictional story.

Kip was asleep, her face burrowed deeply into a pillow, her leg flung carelessly over the hip of her partner, Deb. She was snoring softly. (Ok, those of you who know me can spot the fiction...I was roaring like a bear as usual!) The kids, dogs and cats were asleep for once. The fan wafted cool air gently over the sleeping pair from the open windows.

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40 pieces of Wisdom


I turned 40 this year. In a flash of creativity I had this "great" idea for my birthday month blog ~ I'd make a list of 40 pieces of wisdom that I'd gleaned over the years to mark each of my 40 rotations around the sun. I mean, wouldn't that be a wonderful way to commemorate my 40th and think of how impressed all of you readers would be by my infinite brilliance and above average intelligence?!

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Flinging Crap

~The Adventures of Kalimama~

The other day a friend sent out an email to a group of moms in the area asking if anyone knew how to fillet a crappie. I responded with my usual not helpful but witty humor - I replied that I did not know how to fillet a crappie, but I was very adept at flinging crap. I thought I was funny with my clever twist of words until three days later I was literally flinging crap in our basement due to a plumbing problem, a problem that resulted in an overflow of toxic sludge into our basement. (Thankfully, we do not have one of those nice basements, ours is more like a big cement hole.) Little did I know how prophetic my flippant comment was to be. (Jade, do I get to count this for my Cella work in psychic skills?)

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The World Turns

So...who would have thought, 20 years ago, sitting in the backroom of the Alternatives Corner Bookstore on Long Island, that today we Democrats would be choosing between a black man and a woman in the Presidential primary?

In those days, I was in my late 20's. Every Thursday night, I would make my way to West Hempstead to attend the Thursday night discussion group, hosted by the venerable Becky Bly. We talked and argued and learned and laughed. We raised our consciousness. We bonded and became a community. A lesbian feminist community. It was the middle of Regan's second term. There were two women in the Senate; Nancy Kassenbaum of Kansas, and Paula Hawkins of Florida. The indefatigable Barbara Mikulski would join them the following year.

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Chasing Squirrels

~The Musings of a Goddess Mother

I recently read a great book called, Eat, Pray, Love: A Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia, by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's a funny and provocative account of a woman who travels for alone one year in search of her self and the deeper meaning of life. Although I really enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to others, it left me feeling the usual sadness that so many spiritual books do.

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