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The Nature of Service

Like anyone who is seeking Ordination, I was required to do my Internship time. While I was in Madison, I wrote the following blog, filed it away, and promptly forgot about it. After rediscovering it today, I thought I would post it.

So... sitting here at the Motherhouse, during my time of Internship, I am drawn to consideration about the nature of service. After all, I have for many years signed my emails and correspondences with the phrase "In Her Service, and so Yours." Upon reflection, I realize that my idea of serving Her has changed radically over the years.

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Honoring the Maiden ~Un-medifying Our Lives

Each month my daughter, who just turned 10 last month, plan a "date". This is time just for us to connect separate from her ever-exhausting brothers. It is nice, and we've come to look forward to our time together. Our only rule is that whatever we do cannot involve we've had manicures, traveled to museums, gone out for coffee and looked at books in a bookstore, had lunch in fancy restaurant, etc. Last month, in February, we went to the opening of an art exhibit called, Project Girl.

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So...Porch Dawg. That's what my friends call me. ON the surface, it's a remnant of an irreverent joke we made while attending a comparative religions weekend in Chicago. We had noticed that at one temple, all the leaders were given lengthy and regal titles, like "High Esteemed Director of the Bathroom Break". During the post-visit meeting, we were getting silly, and we started making up ridiculous titles for on another. My title was "Most Revered Canine Guardian of the Sacred Temple Portico"ówhich is essentially a dog lying on the front stoop of the Motherhouse. Hence the name porchdawg...or if you are Susan Grossman, "porchie".

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Grayson's Gift

~ An Invitation from the Dark Mother~

Kali Mama. I was trying to think of a name to use for my blog and the play on words between Kali Ma, the Goddess of Destruction, and Kali Mama, my life as a rogue Goddess mother, seemed to fit. While at times Mothering has been a blissful experience for me, the truth is that it has also been riddled with as much darkness as light, doubt as faith, despair as hope, as much fear as love. To me, Mothering has been as much about destruction as creation.

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Suit Up

This morning our city is pretty well closed down by snow. The kids schools are closed. Typically, my partner Deb insisted upon going in to work anyway. She is a Nurse Practitioner who runs a clinic at a local community college. They have dorms and she felt that some students may ned her today. So I am home with the kids and dogs.

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