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Kali Mama ~ The Adventures of a Goddess Mother

It's only 9:00 in the morning and already I've: unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it again, switched the wash to the dryer and then loaded the washer again, fed three hungry children, one cat, two dogs, and several fish, cleaned up spilled juice, kissed a boo-boo, put dinner in the crockpot, and reminded my 9 year old daughter, Josie, for the fourth time that she can't call her friends to play before 10am. I've also negotiated no less than three spats between my three year old son, Oliver, and my four year old son, Zeke. The first was over whether or not Oliver likes maple syrup (Oliver said he did, Zeke insisted that he didn't), the second argument was over the correct name of the truck that went by our house (Zeke said "front loader", Oliver was adamant it was a "backhoe"), and the third was over the correct way to wear a diaper, (Oliver, always the instigator, insisted that it went on backwards. Go figure). In between all of this, I've managed to drink almost an entire pot of coffee and eat something that slightly resembles breakfast.

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New Year we are. Tonight is the secular New Year. While it is not "our" holiday, we are going over to our daughter Lauren's house to have dinner and a holiday observance.

We have come to the same comfortable compromise with Xmas. We celebrate the Solstice in our house, and any family member of friend who wishes to attend is welcome. We also attend the Xmas observances of our various extended family units at their homes. We go to my mother in law's house on Xmas eve, where they pray, eat, and play bingo. On Xmas day, I go to Aramas' house to see our daughter Chelsea. Later in the day, the kids go to their dad's house where Xmas is celebrated by going to church.

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Chocolate Chips For Breakfast

Kali Mama: ~The Adventures of A Goddess Mother

Oliver, my three year old son, had only been up about 20 minutes when I found him aimlessly walking around the kitchen.

"What do you want, honey?", I asked.

"Chaw-co-lat" he said in his little sleepy kid voice.


I know the feeling.

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So... I was reading the other day and came across a mention of the story about the Garden of Eden. I am not sure why that reference stuck with me, but it did. It was tangential to the material I was reading. Anyway, I had a flash of insight regarding the Eden story. The voice in my head said "Its not in the's a prophecy!"

The more I considered this, the more sense that it made. After all, most legends, religious stories, tales and myths are but parables for bigger ideas.

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