Seasonal Salon

Falling In

I come to you at Lammastide
My Spirit's in the sheaves
Reminding you that we've both grown
As I once was the seed...
The Star inside the apple
Promises new life
I give to you my bounty
At the changing of the tide...
You sense the Wheel is turning
At the Harvest Moon's light
The fruits and grains are gathered in
The grape becomes the wine...
The honey is My sweetness
My Body is the wheat
Whisper your wishes to Me
The time has come to reap...
I seek you at the Equinox
My colors paint the leaves
I celebrate the joys you've known
I weep for what you grieve...
I give you my abundance
I hint at Winter's wind
I give you equilibrium
As Autumn gathers in...
You sense the scales are balanced now
The Darkness with the Light
The Swan glides over mirrored ponds
The Raven's taking flight...
As sure as I set in the West
I'll be rising in the East
Whisper you're grateful to Me
The time has come to feast...
I come to you at Hallows
Hair silvered like the Moon
I meet you at the Crossroads
I give to you your boon...
The Ancestors are calling
They touch the marigolds
I hold them in My Cauldron
You hold them in your soul...
You sense the Darkness coming in
The veil is sheer and thin
The Jack-o-lanterns flicker bright
The Blessed Dead come in...
I'm there as you go deeper
You will walk My Labyrinth
Whisper your magick to Me
The time has come to Bewitch...

Category: Fall Equinox 2010