Seasonal Salon


I'm starting to drape in graceful arcs,
Marching no more in straight lines
Soldier's precision changing to waves.

I think I'm becoming a Libra.

I'm seeing lavender and pale blue,
Choosing no electrics, nor shades of earth
Instead I'm feeling the sky.

Perhaps I'm becoming a Libra.

I'm dreaming of Vienna, lyrical and rich,
Leaving revolutionary memories of Dublin behind
Charm covering hidden secrets.

Maybe I'm becoming a Libra.

I'm wearing opals and ancient ivory,
Putting away gems with colorful harder edges
Soft stones melting with internal fire.

Can I be becoming a Libra?

I'm moving to balance now,
Shifting fixed to cardinal
Ideas changing as new goals created.

Am I becoming a Libra?

I really can't decide.

Category: Fall Equinox 2010