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Tarot Reading for the Witches' New Year

As you know, RCGI's annual Hallows Conference was cancelled this year due to low enrollment. Hard to see that tradition slip by. Most of us have fond memories of wild carnivals, wenches, games and crazy auctions for Monopoly money. One year, I got smacked in the face pretty hard in a game called musical brooms (a seated version of musical chairs that passed a broom). Most of the other memories I have are of the wonderful workshops, deep rituals and conversations around cozy couches.

Maybe next year.

And for those many other times at Hallows, I was able to gift the ritual participants with a Tarot card that presented an energy that each person might work with in the coming year. It was sort of a tradition.

The best I can do this year is to give you the opportunity to do a random selection online here in the Salon. Think of a number between 1 and 12. Write that number down. There will be a key to how the cards are numbers in a secret location after you read this entire article.

Here are the cards in no particular order that I selected to ìhand out' this year. You will see a Black Cat in each picture who is particularly enchanting. Also find a brief interpretation with each. May you be blessed as you work with the energy.

image of tower cardThe Tower always symbolizes the destruction of old patterns and the outdated image of the self and the world. This card is rich with symbols: From the All-Seeing Eye, to the Salamander on the block wall. Consider that your coming year will bring enlightenment and a new perspective.
image of strength cardStrength represents our deepest and most vital source of energy. Whenever Lion shows up as a spirit guide, you can expect lessons and issues dealing with community and groups to surface. Trust your feminine energies, creativity, imagination, and intuition. Don't be afraid to roar!
image of ace of imps cardAce of Imps (Fire, Wands) represents a desire for action, optimism and great opportunities for self-development this year. You may wish to follow your own impulses more and forego those careful reflections.
image of 5 of pumpkins cardFive of Pumpkins (Pentacles) is a charming card. Notice the smaller child dropped her candy in the snow. The wisdom of this card is that there is more candy at the next house if you just keep going. Fives are transitional cards in tarot. This one speaks to finding a way out of a difficult financial situation.
image of ace of ghosts cardAce of Ghosts (Cups) stands for the flow of life, the world of feelings and deepest secrets. This card is often called a wish fulfilled card and has an overflowing cup. Lotus Flowers are symbolic of awakening to a spiritual reality of life. And one spiral on the cup takes us to center, the other takes us from center toward an action.
image of temperance cardTemperance shows us this sweet little kitchen witch brewing up some sort of magick in her cauldron. She also has that All-seeing Eye on her wall, plus luscious ingredients to aid in her magick. Temperance means finding your center. She wants to create harmony in her working without the sensation of conflict. Two spirit guides are Owl near her 3rd Eye, and Rabbit in her pocket near her Belly Chakra. Owl holds the mysteries of the night, so you may face parts of you that have been hidden. Rabbit is known to make great leaps, so you may be blessed with spiritual growth this year.
image of 8 of bats cardEight of Bats (Air, Swords) gives us a woman that is blindfolded and all tied up. She is reminding you to avoid getting tangled up in fears, prejudices, and not listening to your inner voice. The castle on the hill symbolizes a certain knowledge you have that you may neglect or doubt. Taking off the blinders helps you see your truth. Unraveling the blocks, will help you take your next steps.
image of 10 of ghosts cardTen of Ghosts (Water, Cups) is a card of great emotional wealth and a flowing energy. Your eyes are directed here to sweet surprises and inviting others to share in your happiness. This year, allow yourself to savor the joys of life and be connected to your deepest relationships with others.
image of ace of pumpkins cardAce of Pumpkins (Pentacles) symbolize the material, physical world and all that it holds for your greater good. The Lily tells us that it is heavenly to be with you, and often signals a return of happiness, and sweetness. This card tells you that when you take action, you will overcome the obstacles.
image of 8 of imps cardEight of Imps (Fire, Wands) always tells us that speed is of the essence. This little beings remind you to make compromises, find ways to let go of deadlock situations and make the right choice to recapture that sense of stability.
image of star cardThe Star holds incredible power in this image overlooking the whole village and watching time approach the witching hour (Midnight). Mountains in the background symbolize knowledge; smoke coming from the houses asks what part of you is stifled and the Gargoyle provides energy for what needs to come to expression.
image of ace of bats cardAce of Bats (Air, Swords) symbolize great potential of the intellect, objectivity, sobriety and setting clear goals. The Bat, as spirit guide is powerful in providing an increasing ability to discern hiden messages. List to what is not being said this year. Trust your instincts and learn to hear spirit.

The key to matching the number you wrote down to one of the 12 cards in this article can be found on the Contributor's page with my bio.

Hope this turns out to be a good read for you. Happy Hallows!

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