Seasonal Salon

About the Fall Equinox 2010 Contributors

Bellezza Squillace is an Ordained Priestess in RCGI, is an Advisor for the Great Lakes WTI and coordinates the WTI Online classes. Tarot is one of her many favorite magical tools. The key to your reading is:

  1. Eight of Imps
  2. Ace of Bats
  3. Temperance
  4. Ten of Ghosts
  5. The Tower
  6. Ace of Pumpkins
  7. Ace of Imps
  8. The Star
  9. Ace of Ghosts
  10. Eight of Bats
  11. Five of Pumpkins
  12. Strength

Loona is a goddess artist whose creations include jewelry made from glass, metal, bone and wooden beads, ceramic mirrors and wall plaques, sacred songs and the written word. She is currently a member of the fabulous South Mountain Sisterhood, and is walking the Creatrix Path in Cycle III of the WTI. Since her retirement in 2006, Loona devotes her time to drawing down and manifesting as much Goddess Energy into our world as she can, in the hope that her small contribution may work toward restoring the balance so sorely needed in the Universe.

Lee Melchior is (hopefully) finishing Cycle III of WTI this year and hopes to be ordained as a priestess of RCG-I in May 2012. She lives in south-central Pennsylvania beside a deep creek, in a cottage that is bigger on the inside than on the outside. She works as an occupational therapist and lymphedema therapist, primarily with people with cancer. She visited Malta in May 2010, and was thrilled by the sacred sites and had a great time, but next time she wants to travel with someone besides just herself.

Renee Rabb is an Ordained Priestess of RCGI who lives in Austin. Texas and is becoming a poet as she ages.

Laura Keefe (lu) is in Cycle III of the WTI Cella program on the Creatrix, Ritualist and Healer paths. She is a musician, mother, and performance artist. She also enjoys teaching music and Goddess Spirituality art classes. Poetry has been one of lu's lifetime passions, and she enjoys exploring the magical uses of language. Fall is her favorite season, and she has her pumpkin decorations up before anyone else in the neighborhood.

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