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With the Wind at our Backs: Personal Energy Management

Most of us know the seven Power Centers (Chakras) in front of our bodies, and yet few of us understand that there are over 32 additional Power Centers at our hands, feet, knees and back. Some say that Front-facing Power Centers are like Gates. Our emotional, mental and spiritual beliefs, attitudes and experiences pass through the Gates and flow into our body, mind & spirit. Ideally, that energy flows to our cells, tissues and organs; and if it is blocked, we experience sickness, stress, accidents and even death.

If Front-focused Power Centers effect our body, mind and spirit, then Back-focused Power Centers address our actions & will. They pertain to our well-being in community, and maintain the links to our past, present and future.

power centers on the statue of liberty

It is believed that our Front-Power Centers remain inactive until they are awakened through Yoga, conscious raising efforts or specific healing modalities.

The Back-Power Centers are active during everyday life and may be open, blocked or closed without conscious effort as a response to the environment, simple life choices or by chance.

It is these Power Centers at our backs that most people know the least about. Just because they are active during everyday life, without conscious effort on our parts, we can be vulnerable to a Community Energy that effects our actions in both positive and challenging ways.

Power Center Open and Balanced Dysfunctional: Closed, Blocked
Soul Star: Source of past knowledge and memory; life tasks, predestined soul contracts Feels Divine Guidance and connections to Goddess within and spirit guides; feels clear of negative clouding Disbelief; fears inner voices, exhibits many addictions, has foggy thoughts; inability to communicate on higher and mundane levels
Back of the Head/ Causual: Executive Will Expresses and follows through with ideas and appropriate action; manifests dreams in material world; experiences calmness Overly concerned with the practical; brings things out in distorted ways; tends to be destructive; has great ideas - cannot accomplish much
Mouth of Goddess: Base of the Skull. Connection to Divine Inspiration Able to recognize the higher purpose in life Preoccupied with higher levels of existence at the expense of the everyday; experiences illusions, mental unbalance, schizophrenia; may suffer from pressure headaches
Base and Back of the Neck: Connecting points for energy channels to shoulders, thighs, hands, knees and feet Comfortable with sense of self; able to express ideas; embraces others with love and warmth Tends to be an over-achiever; dissatisfied with life and suffers from lack of self-esteem, is stubborn; feels uncomfortable with self; suffers from asthma, laryngitis and other respiratory problems
Shoulder Blades/ Thymus: Will; works with Heart Center to activate happiness, peace, love and joy (Angel Wings) Well-developed will-power and willingness to live life fully; enables spiritual travel; serves as protection against environmental pollutants; filters negative emotions from others Impulsive, lacks caution; sees Universe as hostile, reacts aggressively to environment; fears life and cannot put heart into actions; feels burdened, hopeless and melancholy; generates revenge
Diaphragm/Adrenal: Responsible for flight or fight reaction; concerned with healing and survival Free to accept yourself as belonging in the universe; serves to purge old emotions, dissolves fear and doubt; governs full-conscious breathing Excessive survival consciousness, desire for getting your own way; suffers from repressed anger, frustration and feelings of rejection; tendency towards illness; feelings of alienation and disconnection from life
Door of Life/Kidney: Center of innate life-force (prenatal chi); Possesses great deal of emotional strength; is a gentle person Excessively forceful, pushing your will onto others. Can be weak and insecure, easily swayed
Sacral: Associated with sensual energy; lower back; line of intention and purpose for this incarnation Comfortable with your sexual energy; expresses personal power easily; has lot of physical energy; strong sex drive, healing energy and joy of life Obsessed with sex; negative or perverse sexual energy; issues with guilt and sin in religious sense. Or sexual sensations are weak and disappointing; low sex drive; disclaims its importance
Perineal/Coccygeal: Relates to past lives, reincarnation and will to live in physical reality; cross point for energy flow in our bodies Powerful will to live, full of physical energy and potency; strong power & vitality; easily expresses self; gives freely; comfortable with physical contact Inability to appreciate abstract things; tends to dominate or bully others; resorts to physical violence; most vitality and coordination is blocked; may have weak or sickly constitution; may hoard (constipation)
Earth Star - Grounding: Balance in one’s self Connects with Planet; grounds with magnetic energy and information; easily nourished Disconnected and disregards Earth and all life forms; may suffer malnutrition at some level

By chance or by choice?

All energy vibrates at different frequencies. Energy or Power Centers at the back of our bodies vibrate at a lower frequency than those in the front. They are active without our conscious participation and are also related to our place in community.

Like anything we learn, there are first steps to understanding, followed by more evolved solutions to working with the new information.

First: Learn to be more aware of these Power Centers and ask yourself questions about why you feel good or bad in the areas listed. With higher awareness, we get better insights into cause and effect.

Second: Do what feels right for you. Trust your inner guide to bring what you need. You might wish to carry healing stones, use herbs, affirmations, or surround yourself with corresponding colors that will aid the Back-focused Centers. Those centers in back align almost horizontally through the body with those in front with just a slight lift. Colors in front are rainbow-like and lighter. Colors in back are deeper shades & stronger.

Third: Recognize that we are all connected and that what one of us thinks, says and does, will effect the whole community. By changing your attitude, you can change our future.

“May the wind always be at your back &
the sun shine warm upon your face”

-traditional blessing

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