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About the Fall Equinox 2004 Contribuotrs

Patricia Monaghan has published three volumes of poetry including Seasons of the Witch, and more than a dozen nonfiction books, most recently The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog. She teaches interdisciplinary writing at DePaul University in Chicago. Read more of her poetry at

Sid Reger is a goddess artist and independent scholar. She studied art in her mother’s studio and at West Virginia University. Presently she lives in western Pennsylvania, working around the cats in her studio. She bases her “Mandalas for Mother Earth” and her relief sculptures on Stone Age art and symbols, and gives workshops on Goddess prehistory. Sid’s prints, cards, t shirts, and reproductions of Stone Age goddess figures can be found on her web site,

Sudie Rakusin is an artist and an ecofeminist. Her love and concern for the Earth and Her creatures influences all of her choices and permeates her work.

The Sabbat Series paintings of Solstice, Equinox, and Cross-quarter days are available as a set of 8 color notecards for $16.00 plus postage. The Coloring Book for Big Girls ($9.95 plus postage) and The Second Coloring Book for Big Girls: Spirits and Goddesses ($11.95 plus postage) are 8.5" x 11" paperbacks with detailed pen-and-ink drawings to color, accompanied by descriptive captions. For orders within the U.S. required postage is—1 item $3.00, 2–4 items $5.00, and 5–10 items $7.00. For orders outside of U.S. required postage is—1 item $5.00, 2–4 items $7.00, 5–10 items $9.00.

The paintings are not for sale, but we have prints backed on foam core and covered in vellum. Sizes available are 8.5" x 11" at $45 and 14" x 17" for $65. We plan to come out with greeting cards in the near future.

Please also note that there would be $2 s&h added to orders for prints of saints. Send orders to Winged Willow Press, P.O. Box 92, Carrboro, NC 27510. or order online at

Deborah Hoffman-Wade is a ordained Priestess for RCG-I. She is a Hagazussa (Germanic Tradition Oracle Seidth) and Convening Advisor for the WTI. She, by profession, is a licensed social worker and is director of social services for a geriatric center in Southern Minnesota. She lives with her partner Schon on a 23 acre homestead in S. MN. You can reach her at

Bellezza Squillace is working on a new book that examines Sedna in our charts. If you are interested in learning more about that project or if you have any questions or can add to what she has written, check out or email her at

Kassandra Sojourner is an ordained Priestess through the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess and an initiated Dianic Witch. She is committed to defending Herstory through story-telling, performance and the written word. When Destiny Walked the Labyrinth is her first novel.

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