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Star Gazing with Bellezza

Bellezza Squillace is a professional Astrologer who teaches Feminist Astrology and offers consultation and forecasts for individuals, couples and groups. Her website is where you will find a list of her classes and in-depth interpretation opportunities for your empowerment and transformation.

Q: What is the difference between Feminist Astrology and mainstream Astrology?

A: Feminist Astrology is the call of the Great Mother to understand Her cycles and how our life is connected to Her. It uses a feminist vision, her-story and Goddess images & archetypes with interpretations that wimmin can identify with easier in experience and practice. Mainstream Astrology holds the centuries old tradition of male energy and interpretations as seen through a male perspective.

Q: Do you ever read something too frightening in a person’s chart that you don’t want to tell them?

A: Transits in our charts will often tell us what needs attention, where we are in illusion and where we are in truth. Some people do get frightened of events that push them toward change or learning life’s lessons.

I use the approach of Feminist Astrology in a manner that soothes our spirits and reconnects us with a deeper vision. All we really want is to know the truth about life and to feel love in our hearts for ourselves, others and the world around us. This approach is a very gentle way of opening the doors for us to begin transformation when we are really ready to listen to the Voice in our hearts.

Q: Can you get a chart for my parents if I do not know their birth times?

A: Yes. We can find out the moment of sunrise on their birthdays along with the location of their birth. Then we calculate it as if it were the true birth time. That puts their Sun signs on the rising point and is still a valued method of calculating a natal chart even though less accurate than if you had the precise time.

Q: If the Earth is a planet, then why don’t we put it in the horoscope?

A: Its there! From our viewpoint, it’s the most important planet because we live here. Earth appears in the very center of everyone’s chart. If we lived on Mercury, for instance, Mercury would be in the center and Earth would be one of the planets in the sky and on our charts.

Q: Millions of female teenagers end up as the sole support of a child. How does astrology decide which house rules the parent of a child with only one parent in her life?

A: In the same manner as we look at kids with both parents fully in their lives! However, these charts usually show restricting aspects involving the 4th house ruler or some other placement within the 4th house signifying the separation of child and father.

Q: I heard that a girl discovered Pluto. Is that true?

A: No. An 11-year-old girl in England (Venetia Burney) named the newly discovered planet in 1930.

It’s a very unique story. Professional Astronomer Percival Lowell was unsuccessful in his search for the planet before his death. A self-taught 24-year-old American made the discovery and offered the right to name this planet to the winner of a contest. Venetia made the suggestion to her grandfather based on her elementary studies in astronomy and the Roman pantheon, and also suggested the glyph using capital letters P & L for Percival Lowell. The grandfather, a notable Librarian at Oxford University, using his academic connections, followed conventional paths to submit the name for Pluto and ensured the credit to his grand daughter.

This raised such a controversy among professional Astronomers that the International Astronomical Union instituted professional guidelines for naming of heavenly bodies thereafter. On the plus side of this event, the IAU created programs offering Astronomy studies to youth.

Q: Can my chart tell me about my health or other physical things about my body?

A: The first place you can examine is the 6th house and any aspects to it. Each zodiac sign rules a part of the human body and so the ruler of the 6th house could give you a good picture of your health issues. Of course there are other concerns that are involved in answering this question.

Q: I am adopted. Does my chart tell me about my adopted parents or my birth parents?

A: This is a great question and one I am often asked. There are many things I look at in a womon’s chart including the influence of her parents that I do not base on gender. A nurturing parent can be either a father or mother and in a chart, that nurturing influence could be a grandparent or an adoptive parent. We look at authority influences that may restrict you too. Another influence is the age of the adoption and if you knew your birth parents.

Q: I check my horoscope in the paper from time to time. If this is really valid information, why are they so vague and don’t even seem to apply to me at all?

A: A little misunderstood fact is that daily horoscope columns are based on a Sun sign, not the total perspective of your chart. Most of the time, they are computer generated for entertainment and not for spiritual direction.

Q: What does a compatibility chart tell me?

A: This is a chart that you might want to have cast for any relationship you want to enhance or understand better. Many have compatibility charts done when they are either going into business with someone or working closely with them, getting involved in an intimate relationship or even when a baby is born or at any stage of your child’s life you want to understand. It will help you maximize the strengths you bring to the interaction. You can also get a feel for the challenges you might face and take some steps to work in creating a better understanding between the two of you.

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