Seasonal Salon


She has been running for so long.

She does not remember when she began. She has always been running, running, hurtling forward, headlong, passion in her heart and limbs, not thinking of the goal, only running, running.

She is hot and wet. She is wet with heat.

Her breath comes in deep gasps. Her searing heart expands.

Everything blurs.



And then.

She stops in her tracks. She stares. A strong woman, panting, stares back at her. Eyes blazing with force and heat. A mirror? A mirage? A perfect twin? Hair tangled with sweat. Her? Another? Who?

And then.

Running, everything blurring.

Searing heart. Breath in deep gasps.

Hot and wet. Wet with heat.

Running, hurtling headlong forward, passion in heart and limbs, no goal, only running, running. Running.


"Mabon" is from Seasons of the Witch, soon to be re-issued by Creatrix Press
© Patricia Monaghan ~ All rights reserved

Category: Fall Equinox 2004