Seasonal Salon

M’illumino D’immensa

M’illumino d’immensa - M’illumina Dea
M’illumino d’immensa - M’illumina Dea

In my heart I hold the heavens - with the light of darkest night - all the stars connect my wisdom - give my hearing to my sight

The Beloved feeds my breathing - breath of life from sky to earth - and beyond the deepest shadow - into death and into birth

In my fear I stand immobile - overwhelmed I cannot breathe - but my breath is my excitement - and the movement is my leave

To adore the what is known - while I hold the what could be - find some comfort in the mystery - like the roots beneath the tree

Chant and rock and my chest opens - like the corn before the dawn - lonely smile that moves the mountain - of the heavy heart I’ve earned

In the waltz of Divine dancing - there is a song in every prayer - the immensity of magic - flowers woven through her hair

The Universe is growing - building space to keep us one - we create the greatest picture - if we know we’ve just begun

We are surrounded by creation - we are Her in every cell - this is only the beginning - to make heaven from this hell

M’illumino d’immensa - M’illumina Dea
M’illumino d’immensa - M’illumina Dea

Be awake my precious light song - be awake and strong and whole - in the rumble if life moving - I will catch you if you fall - all you meet will truly see you - if my love resides inside - you will shine with hope and glory - for my beauty cannot hide

I am full with awesome splendor - of the dreams I dream of you - in my heart you can reside now - I surrender to my dues

The immensity of the mystery - holds the breath and holds the bowl - the Beloved and the lover - are the guideposts of the soul.

M’illumino d’immensa. M’illumino Dea
M’illumino d’immensa, M’illumino Dea


This poem is an interpretation of the poem Mattina’ (‘Morning’) M’illumino d’immenso by the Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti. It is thought to be the shortest poem, which expresses the full awe of experiencing the Divine in the rising of the sun in the morning.

The original is written in the masculine, but I created a feminine version. I don’t know if the Italian is correct, but I claim the right to bring awe for the Goddess and us, women, into the miracle of the imminence and transcendence of each new day.


Rev. Nano Boye Nagle MLA is a poet, an actor, a Guardian and a Minister. She offers individual spiritual coaching and teaches classes to women all over the country. She lives in Austin with her love Sally Jeaux.

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