Seasonal Salon

From the Editor

The world has changed drastically since our last full issue of the Seasonal Salon at Autumn Equinox. Many of us are angry, frightened and outraged at the turn of events in our American experience. The so-called “experiment in democracy” is threatened: the impossible is unraveling with every newscast; and we struggle to make sense of one event after another none of which makes any sense at all.

“What I Want My Words to Do to You” is a film/documentary created by Eve Ensler (“Vagina Monologues”) in which a circle of women inmates at New York’s Bedford Hills Maximum Security Prison write and read their stories. It is moving and often startling to witness these women’s words as they come to grips with the reality of the consequences of the crimes they’ve committed. The fact that must be faced is that many will be incarcerated their entire lives.

Behind the chain link fence capped with rolling barbed wire, one woman said, “What I want my words to do to you is to invite you in, to open up a dialogue, to disrupt your day…and make you wonder about your own prisons.”

In this issue of the Seasonal Salon, what we want our words…and art…to do to you is to remind you of the promise of Spring Equinox; to open your mind, to wonder. May you find inspiration and thoughtfulness, encouragement…and even hope. And may you be challenged to undo any blocks and do whatever is required of you to pursue what it is you wish to grow and nurture in the coming turn of the Wheel.

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