Seasonal Salon

I Am Amazon

I am Amazon


From this moment on, I fiercely promise you, my sisters:

            I will never again settle for less that all that is respectful and honoring of womyn

            I take seriously my rightful place as a leader

            I will treat every woman with complete respect and honor—no matter how unskilled she                                 may seem

            I will honor myself by getting sufficient rest and care for as a person of vital importance to the world

             I will inspire others to achieve their dreams

            I will inspire myself and others to reclaim our hopes and power to embrace our inherent goodness and intelligence

            When discouraged or disappointed, I will give myself room to weep and still be counted as the warrior I am, remembering that…

            I have all the power and resources I need to bring harmony and light to the world

            I am the leader for whom I have been waiting!

I am Amazon, She who protects and defends.

Adapted from “I Am Amazon” by Kim Duckett

Category: Summer Solstice 2017