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The Code of the Amazons

The Code of the Amazons

Author unknown

Let all who read these words know:

We are a nation of womyn, dedicated to our sisters, to our Goddess, and to the peace that is womankind’s right…

Granted life by Gaia, the goddesses and souls of womyn past, we have been gifted with the mission to unite the people of our world with love and compassion..

Patriarchy has corrupted many of the laws of our Mother Earth. So, in her wisdom, the goddesses did create a race of female warriors dedicated to the ideals of uniting all people, all sexes, all races, and all creeds…

No longer will man rule alone, for now woman stands as an equal to temper aggression with compassion, lend reason to rage, and overcome hatred with love…

We are the Amazons and we have come to save humankind….

Rev. Nano Boye Nagle MLA is a poet, an actor, a Guardian and a Minister. She offers individual spiritual coaching and teaches classes to women all over the country. She lives in Austin with her love Sally Jeaux.

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