Seasonal Salon

Summer Solstice Altar

Willendorf laying in a 3 breasted bowl laying on the Web.  A simple altar and yet when we place Her symbols in the Center of a Goddess Wimmin’s Circle Magic and Power ensues.  Perhaps at Summer Solstice it is wise to keep some things simple. Blessed Be

The Web is created from green stones and beet juice powder honoring our lineage as creatrixes.  The Web is encircled with gold stones.  The outer most circle is created from crushed seashells to honor all things began from a female sea. 

Barb Lutz/Tribas’s altars and shamanic creation of sacred space and ritual has garnered her praise and an honored position in the RCG-I’s Goddess community.  Through her Art and her Guardian Heart, she serves Her, as she co-creates “A Year and a Day Sacred Mystery School for Women (Asheville, NC) and travels the country co-presenting “The Wheel of the Year as a Spiritual Psychology for Women,” with her Priestess, Kim Duckett.

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