Seasonal Salon

From the Editor

While we know Summer Solstice to be the longest day and the shortest night, the time when we nurture and sustain all that we created in the Spring, there are some of us who might name this turn on the Wheel as the holy day of overwhelmedness. So much to tend: to water and weed, to cull and trim, to dead-head and weed some more. The energy of the season often seems to beckon us…or could it be, seduces us to create more: till the ground for just a few more tomato plants, make room in the garden for just one more hydrangea bush, add one more line to that poem, or write another verse to a chant.

What we sow will need to be tended before we can reap its harvest and one task leads to another and another. Overwhelmed, indeed! Surely, we must become…ta dum…Wonder Woman! How can we not, in the apex of the year, celebrate ourselves as Amazons!

So it is that this issue of the Seasonal Salon is dedicated to the Amazon…She who protects and guards all that we have created and nurtured. We honor the Woman Warrior within and those who, through activism and lifestyle, life choices and sacrifice have fought and continue to fight for womyn, for children, for life, for the planet…Our Mother.

In that vein, we introduce a new column: “By Their Lives.” Each issue of the Seasonal Salon we will honor one of our foremothers…a woman who has gone before us, on whose shoulders we stand. It seems most appropriate that we begin with Merlin Stone. Who is Merlin Stone? you might ask. Read one our most revered of those who has “Made our lives a little easier,” the soundtrack to Kay Weaver’s video, “One Fine Day.”

So drape that cape around your shoulders; lace up those boots and take up your favorite bow and quiver of arrows. We are Amazons who live our lives in such a way that when our feet hit the floor in the morning, the patriarchy shudders and says, “OH NO! SHE’S AWAKE!”


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