Seasonal Salon

thesis – antithesis – synthesis

Women are being exiled – forced into the shadows again – women like us – women who know who they are – what they want – women like us – who used to be labelled hysterical shrews, demented hellions – possessed she devils – misunderstood caged canaries – coerced into back alleys

once more, we who watch – who demand accountability – are being demonized – we who look beyond the veil – we who record the balance of justice – are having to choose between front line battles fought with underground tactics – and the familiar safety of secret shadows

these days it is easy to slip into the rhetoric of despondency and despair – war and revolution – blame and shame – we are exhausted – defeated by having to resurrect the bones of previously earned victories – we feel isolated – alone –  but we are not alone – there is a Goddess waiting – waiting to heed our silent and screaming calls – waiting to walk with us – step into us – lead us – lead us beyond – us

She is a fearless warrior – ferocious, free, wild and untamed – She is a passionate lover –

independent and wise – She will take us to the edge – the edge of our comforts –  to the edge of what we think we can do – encourage us to jump – share Her courage with a kiss – then send wind spirits to carry us as we learn how to fly

She will show us how to be self-fulfilled and self-defined – to master the arts of secrecy and wisdom – She encourages the ingenuity of subtle intervention over battle ground conflict – She is a lover not a fighter – but She never submits nor surrenders – especially not to the will or whim of a man – of men –  She holds her worthiness – our worthiness – as unquestioned –  she teaches us to value inclusion and acceptance – the tenet that all lives have equal value – all lives matter equally – is the foundation – the core intelligence – of the world She declares we are ready to create

She is the guardian of guilt, hate and jealousy – envy, bitterness, shame and revenge – neither perpetrator nor victim She protects herself from habitual toxic emotions – ours and her own – demanding new resolutions – breaking cycles of light and dark – right and wrong – for and against – flat earthing ideas like “You’re either with me or against me!” – substituting the finesse of compromise as a win/win possibility – calling us to settle outside the garden of cultural certainties – to build playgrounds in the wilderness – learn to nurture and sustain ourselves

She teaches us to know who we are – to be authentic, passionate, proud – to speak our truth with clarity – to be visible – to take up space – to demand it – demand respect, equality and safety – to know our rights – to do what we need to do to protect them – always sensitive to the need for perpetual recalibration – for this is not about us as isolated souls – our rights – our needs – it’s about all rights – all needs – we exist in community – co-exist in sisterhood – we are charged to protect our women and girls – protect the powerless, the vulnerable, the disenfranchised – we acknowledge our differences – understanding we are all equally unique, equally valuable, equally deserving

She warns us to be mindful of falling back into the idolatry of the self – we must understand the difference between our rights and the expectations of entitlement – for She is the catalyst of evolutionary change – by forcing intractable adversaries together – incompatible opposites engage dynamically – detonate their passion – dislodge worn out habits and defrock dogma – banishing them back into nigredo, the blackness – the place where everything begins – this collision of opposites – will force the birth of something completely new – a world formed at the outskirts of our imagination

In the darkness, the Black Mother waits to impregnate her self – She climbs atop the shards of shadow – takes them inside – pleasures herself – the birth will be an explosion of stardust seeds – sparks of light – of new life – demon winds will carry the sparks to the rotting foundations in the ashes of the world we have known – transforming the shit we have endured into the organic matter required to inspire and sustain new life

thesis – antithesis – synthesis

in this newness she will bless us by the light of the Black Moon – She will show us different ways of being – it will feel peculiar and dangerous – extraordinary – terrifyingly delicious – She will deliver us to a new love, a true love – a love boundaried not unconditional – because beauty unrestrained ceases to be beauty

as the guardian of the naturally superior female element – She promises us all the gifts of the maiden – She reminds us of our sacred body – of our sex – the specific magic of our sexuality to seal connection – to heal – She awakens our exclusive capacity for creation – the strength and resilience to endure beyond bloodshed – She celebrates the particular power of our sensuality to seduce – negotiate – renegotiate concepts of justice – and redefine freedom – She sanctions the power of seeing and speaking the truth – with sensitivity not brutality – to ourselves and the world– no matter what

She is Lilith

Lilith – Daughter created from Earth – Mother of water – Maiden fires burning passion – Crone of the night and the wild winds – Lilith – Queen of the dark – Lilith hear our prayers – Lilith we answer your call.



Rev. Nano Boye Nagle MLA is a poet, an actor, a Guardian and a Minister. She offers individual spiritual coaching and teaches classes to women all over the country. She lives in Austin with her love Sally Jeaux.


Category: Fall Equinox 2017