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Review: Finding the Invisible Road, by Sr. Stella Sabina

The experience of reading “Finding the Invisible Road” was very much like a guided meditation for me. The images and emotions evoked the sensory description, the rhythm and cadence of the writing. The beautifully expressed oneness as the story unfolds all held my mind, body and spirit. I deeply related with the delightful characters that people this story and the way they choose to live their lives.

Sister Stella gives us a glimpse of how we can all live and relate from our highest selves. I hear the warm, loving, non-judgmental voice of Mother Africa in the narration of the story. She calls upon us to embrace the reality that we are one race—the human race—and to accept the inherent responsibility of being human. Being responsible means using our ability to respond to all of humanity equally with respect, while holding the intent of the best possible outcome for each and every being we share this planet with as we live our individual lives in unity for the good of all. It is a simple message and a profound one, especially in this current time of such greed and inequity of resources. Re–setting our moral compass as a species is necessary for survival. Finding the Invisible Road one person at a time, or one group of good friends at a time, will indeed make all the difference in the world.

I value the opportunity this book offers to affirm the basic human goodness in the world. We are given a glimpse of who we are becoming, in spite of the ugliness and suffering in the world. The young people in this story really do exist in the here and now. There are people with pure hearts of compassion and courage who walk among us and choose to live their lives following the invisible road. I give thanks to Sr. Stella for helping me to re-member this truth from which I draw great strength to guide my actions in making a difference as well.

MG (Mary Gaul) is a Faerie Guardian, Ordained Priestess of RCG-I. She loves elephants.


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