Seasonal Salon

Autumn Altar


I love approaching Autumn Equinox.  I love the “Being In” as well.   A standing still point to fully pause, take a look around and take stock.  This Sacred Place allows us the opportunity to fully honor all that we have been through, been in, endured, been surprised by, been delighted with and so much more.   A place to honor all that we have co-created with Goddess since the beginning at Imbolc.  As Kim Duckett would say, what and how we have co-created our very life and living during such an Imbolcy and uncertain time.  This Altar is for you to assist in the honoring of your life and living here at the Harvest time.  I love being with Autumn Equinox for She too is a threshold that is imbued with profound qualities and textures instilling within our very bodies visceral feelings of the turning toward the Inner Time.  And before we too quickly turn our sights away from the Outer Time, this Altar is for you to simply and powerfully honor YourSelf.


Eight different kinds of  seeds representing the Eight Holy Days are arranged on a mound of dirt.  Arrows are used to mark the thresholds and point towards a chalice full of pomegranate juice.  White navy beans designate Imbolc, bird seed for Spring Equinox, adzuki beans for Beltane, pumpkin seeds for Summer Solstice, corn for Lammas, acorns for Autumn Equinox, opened walnuts looking like “owl eyes/allies” represent Samhain and black beans for Winter Solstice.  Bamboo staffs hold the rim of this Wheel of the Year Altar. Blessed Be.

Still and Forever with Her,



Barb Lutz/Tribas’s altars and shamanic creation of sacred space and ritual has garnered her praise and an honored position in the RCG-I’s Goddess community.  Through her Art and her Guardian Heart, she serves Her, as she co-creates “A Year and a Day Sacred Mystery School for Women (Asheville, NC) and travels the country co-presenting “The Wheel of the Year as a Spiritual Psychology for Women,” with her Priestess, Kim Duckett.



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