Seasonal Salon

Letter From the Editor

Autumn Equinox is midway between Summer Solstice—the longest day, and Winter Solstice—the shortest. Day is equal to night; light is in balance with dark. So it is a time of balance; we strive for balance in our lives: letting go and holding on.

Having rediscovered Patricia Monaghan’s “Fall” in Seasons of the Witch, I find her words capture this time on the Wheel. It is a time of reckoning, for it is the “season of limits.”

“There will never be more than there is now,” she warns. “While we celebrate the harvest of our accomplishments, we must remember, Autumn is the time of endings.” As other life dies, therefore, there is a foreshadowing of our own death.

We prepare for the Deep—In the long winter nights, the Autumn Woman knows time grows short. She accepts the knowing that she has limits. In her eyes we see the fire of primal knowledge: the knowledge of life and death.

So it is that our offerings of art and essays and poetry will, perhaps, inspire you and support your quest for balance in your life. Striving for balance in these times of uncertaint, of instability and fear, we are challenged to achieve balance.

In my own quest, I’ve been thinking about lineage: who are our spiritual elders who have gone before us to show us the way. One of those foremothers is Kay Gardner who we honor in the second of our new series, “By Their Lives.” A new and irregular column, “Silver Threads” will present personal re/memberings of Feminism.

May you go gently as you seek balance.


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