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Fall Equinox Ritual 2017

I sit on my back porch thinking about the intention of this ritual: to praise and support Mother Earth in her current change of life. 

This is not a ritual about all the creatures who are in pain and suffering from her changes.  It’s not about the homes and property that have been lost to her elemental powers: ferocious fires, disquieting quakes, shocking storm surges, and willful wind tantrums. 

This ritual is about the changes in Her womb- the ocean, the fluctuations in her temperature that she balances with storms, the changes in the natural hormones of fertility that she uses fires to heal.  Our Mother is being bombed, poisoned, mined, deforested, fracked, polluted, choked, raped and pillaged.  I want to give her empathy and the holy energy of love and respect that only a Priestess or Guardian of Her rituals can conjure.  I want to tell Her that I feel Her, literally, and that I stand with Her through this mighty transition.

I begin the ritual by lighting elemental candles I have made for this enactment.

(picture here)

 I say, “Air, I feel you twisting your way across the land, providing trees a purifying trance dance , gusting away the toxicity irritating our Mother’s lungs, obliterating the structures that smother her body.” 

I say, “Fire, I feel your angry flames feasting, birthing blazing heat and brutal loss.  You are Her Amazon Warrior of renovation and revolution.”

I say, “Water, I witness your awesome power to surge, deluge and flood.  I honor your embodied activism to wear down the most rigid structures you meet, healing emotional and physical drought.”

I say, “Earth, you are a mighty manifestation of grounded energy and you live for yourself!  I hear your bones crack and experience your boundaries shift. I am in awe of your efforts to adjust to this change of life in which you find yourself.”

I whisper, “Spirit, I am keen to be present with, hold space for and midwife our blessed Mother.  Be here now as I stand up and call Her name.”


Oh rise up and call Her name; I rise up and call Her name. 

Come rise up and call her Name; we rise up to call Her name. 

Rise up oh Wimmin, call Her name, rise up oh Children, call Her name.

Rise up oh Elders, call Her name, rise up all Maidens, call Her name!


I chant out to the wizened woods that witness my ritual. 

I sing with the vision of all my relations chanting with me.

I pray that She will hear my earnest desire to know Her in her trials.    

I open my heart to Her suffering and offer healing to her pain.

I send my love and respect through the soil, through the crust and into her soul for Her use and pleasure.  I hold a memory of me as Her mother, and She as my child.  May she find comfort and connection as we rock.  May she find the affirmation of my love for Her.

Praises for Mother Earth!  Praises for Her process!  May she turn and cycle forever! Blessed Be!


Sally Jeaux is an ordained Priestess of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess.  She also identifies as a Therapist, a Ritualist, a feminist and follower of The Wheel.  As a seeker, she loves to learn about spiritual practices and study The Goddess and Her ways.  Sally uses her creative energy to write liturgy, craft altars and make spiritually based art.  Sally lives a blessed life, working the mysteries, with her delicious partner Boye in Austin, Texas. 






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