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Meeting Lydia

It was May of 2001. My partner Mary & I, along with 4 dear friends, were on a GATE (Global Awareness Through Experience) journey through Eastern Europe, organized by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. We had travelled to Mexico with them and a group of goddess women a year earlier in search of the goddesses of the Central High Plateau. Beginning our Eastern Europe journey in Prague was a different kind of adventure. I expected a bus largely filled with nuns and lay sisters. I did not expect Lydia Ruyle.

On a beautiful May day, Lydia arrived in Prague, larger than life. Her suitcases contained tubes full of rolled colorfully painted cloths & sticks. I had never met Lydia, nor had I seen any of her goddess banners which I believe first made their public debut in Turkey about 6 years earlier.

Banners were unrolled, sticks were inserted to hold each banner’s’ form while held aloft. I don’t remember how many accompanied her, but I do remember Lydia’s invitation to fly them wherever we went.

And we did. We did ritual with them, we circled with them, we carried them to the University in Brno, Moravia, where we were treated to a lecture by a distinguished professor of Anthropology/Archaeology who had been involved in recent digs. Lydia presented him with a small banner she had created for him of another of Moravia’s long hidden goddesses. Later we were escorted to a continuing excavation near the village of Dolni Vestonice, where in 1925 the “Venus” of Dolni Vestonice had been unearthed.

Lydia carried her flag, the Goddess of Dolni Vestonice to the river, up the hills, to the site where earth cradled her sacred image for perhaps 30,000 years.

Today Lydia’s Goddess Spirit Banners circle the globe.

Thank you and honor to you Lydia.

Lydia Ruyle, artist, teacher, scholar, author, enthusiastic traveler, and more, passed from the earth plane on March 26, 2016 at age 80. Blessings on your continued journey.


Lynnie Levy is an ordained priestess, guardian, organizer, photographer, writer, traveler, and animal lover. She is a co-founder of RCG & for its 18 year lifetime, was editor of its publication "Of a Like Mind," a newsjournal for Goddess women. She is blessed to live in Madison, WI with her beloved partner of 25 years, Mary Pierce, and their couldn't-be-better dog, the ever enchanting Boudi.





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