Seasonal Salon

Proverbs & Idioms

At this year’s Gathering of Priestesses and Goddess Women I gave a workshop on reshaping our vocabulary by replacing traditional proverbs and idioms with those that more reflected our Goddess traditions.  Rather than conjugating a Christian trinity how might it change our perspective if we replaced these words with those which reflect our beliefs.

I made an initial list which was augmented by the workshop participants. The lists below are some suggestions for words and phrases we might use.

  • Knock on wood. (Drudic)
  • And it harm none do as thou wilt. (Wiccan rede)
  • The Goddess is alive, magic is a foot.
  • The Goddess calls her own.
  • The Goddess doesn’t enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. (Williamson)
  • The Goddess does not rule the world, She is the world. (Starhawk)
  • Never name the cup from which you will not drink. (Bradley)
  • Kali is having her way with you.
  • Your on Inanna’s journey.
  • Find your rhythm.
  • God may be in the details, but the Goddess is in the questions.Once we begin to ask them there is no turning back. (Steinem)
  • Truth wears a different face to everyone.
  • To many Priestesses spoil the ritual.
  • The Goddess has never been lost. It’s just that some of us have forgotten how to find her. (Monaghan)
  • It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. (Chiffon stick margarine)
  • She’s stirring the cauldron.
  • True as Diana’s arrow. 

Poetry and invocation

  • All acts of love & pleasure are my rituals (Charge of the Goddess)
  • My law is love unto all things. (Charge of the Goddess)
  • Nor do I demand aught of sacrifice. (Charge of the Goddess)
  • If that which you seek, you find not within yourself, you will never find it without. (Charge of the Goddess)
  • I am the Mother of all things & My love is poured out upon the Earth. (Charge of the Goddess)
  • The price we pay is the path not taken.(Bolen)
  • The power of life comes from within. (Bolen) 


  • In the center stood a woman, equal with the others but respected for her work.
  • She changes everything she touches & everything she touches changes. (Libana)
  • We all come from the Goddess. (Budapest)
  • Look for me by moonlight, watch for me by moonlight and I’ll come to thee by moonlight, none may bar the way. (Jade)
  • Make yourself a power spot.
  • Light is returning even though it is the darkest hour. (Murphy)
  • We are the weavers, we are the web. ( Lila)
  • May Hera provide you.
  • On the wings of Isis.
  • We are the old people, we are the new people. We are the same people different than before.
  • Can we be like drops of water falling on the stone. (Near)


  • Athena’s helmet
  • Blessed be
  • Of A like Mind
  • Be Well
  • Sweet Mother
  • Great Goddess
  • Mother of all
  • Bridget’s forge
  • Great Hera (Wonder woman—comic)
  • Suffering Sedna
  • Merciful Minerva (Wonder woman—comic)
  • Great Guardians (Green lantern)
  • Athena’s Wisdom
  • Holy Mother
  • Oh my Goddess
  • By the Goddess
  • By Bridget’s fire
  • As warm as the summer solstice
  • Aurora’s light
  • Athena’s helmet
  • Luna’s silver light
  • Voluptuous Venus
  • Mother bear
  • Open pandora’s box
  • Frigg
  • Mother of pearl
  • Freya’s cats
  • By all the graces
  • What manner of witchery is this?
  • Sent on Iris’s rainbow
  • Fortuna bless you
  • By the Goddess’s light


Jade River is the co-founder of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International—the first legally incorporated tax-exempt religion serving the women’s spiritual community. She is the creator of the Women’s Thealogical Institute, the first organization to nationally offer in-depth training for women seeking education in Goddess religion and, for some, ordination as Priestesses. She is the author of several books, including: Tying the Knot: A Gender-neutral Guide to Handfastings or Weddings for Pagans and Goddess Worshippers; To Know: A Guide to Women’s Magic and Spirituality, and a number of other publications dealing with the Goddess and women’s spirituality.


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