Seasonal Salon

Honour the Sun and Remember the Dark

as the sun shines for the longest day of the year - I am reminded of the power of darkness - scientists think dark matter makes up about eighty-five percent of all the matter in the universe - and that dark matter is growing darker - we don’t know what it is, but we see it impacting most galaxies and clusters of galaxies - dark gravity connects clusters and galaxies to each other - a mysterious cosmic glue holding them together - binding their relationships - securing boundaries and form to their dance

we celebrate the sun on the longest day of the year - give thanks for the blessings she bestows - spiritual teachers tell us to focus on the light use it to cast out the dark - but light could not know itself without the dark –

demonizing the dark is a regressive remnant of our unbalanced patriarchal dna - denying our connection to half the cycle of life - like sunflowers we may be pulled toward the light - the truth is that too much light can burn life out - dry up and petrify a spirit - too much light makes humans crazy - separates them from embodied reality - too much light and heat devitalize the earth - causes alchemical ablution on forests and fields - petrifies the life from critters and children

we are each a universe of lives and aspects of personality - pasted together in chaotic beauty by bright and dark shadow - just as we cannot understand the universe without studying the nature of dark matter - we cannot know ourselves if we deny our shadow - we can’t disown how much we need the dark - how we go crazy without it - how it can incubate the pyrolysis of outdated thought and habits -how it has been the source of fear and mystery - how it has been used to demonize the enigmatic power of women - how our most ancient powerful goddesses, our elemental sources of power were condemned to the darkness made unreachable, undesirable - analogous with everything men feared about themselves and us - when we declare war on the dark we run the risk of falling for the myth - that we must cast out the darkness that we must seek only the light - that as Goddess women we are meant to focus on being the light makers – but we are so much more – we exist in all dimensions - we are also the midwives of the darkness - our darkness, our wombs, our nature, - the wholeness of our being - the beingness of our universe

I'm not saying we need to linger in the dark - resurrect the teenage goth child, wear only black - or drown ourselves in angst, anger and self-pity - but what if we take a moment midst our addiction to the light - to contain our bright self-congratulation - with a little mindful self-consideration - stop to heal our stories below the sunrise - seek the counsel of the Great Goddess Nyx - daughter of Chaos, beginning of all things - elemental Mother of the stars, death and sleep –
She who subdues Gods and men –

She who reminds us we are part of the cycle - crossing and re-crossing every day the threshold out of Hades as the sun sets - then back home again as the sun rises - kissing Hemera as she wakes –
She who reminds us that we are not separate from the day by day sand shifting equilibrium - that holds the wheel ever still in its eternal movement - welcoming the apex of the journey - as a place to remember what shows up as missing - the place between the points of perfect balance - calling us to honour our own solstices and equinoxes without fear of eith


On this the longest day


I call on Nyx to hold me to

the juicy truth revealed in you

the seeds of me in verdant shadows

will bloom in dreams of secret meadows

for summer pyre to kiss to ashes

then rise with stars on ancestral wishes



I shall sing of Night, Mother of gods and men.
Night- and let us call her Kypris- gave birth to all.
Hearken, O blessed goddess, jet-black and star-lit,
Whose delight is in quiet and slumber-filled serenity.
Cheerful and delightsome,
 O mother of dreams, you love the nightlong revel,
And your gentleness rids of cares and offers respite from toil.
Giver of sleep, beloved of all you are,
as you drive your steeds and gleam in darkness.
Ever incomplete, now terrestrial and now again celestial,
You circle around in pursuit of sprightly phantoms,
You force light into the nether world
and again you flee into Hades.
Dreadful Necessity governs all things.
But now, O blessed one, yea beatific and desired by all,
I call on you to grant a kind ear to my voice of supplication,
And benevolent, come to disperse fears that glisten in the dark.
-- Orphic Hymn #3 To Nyx, Translated by Apostolos N. Athanassakis, 1977
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