Seasonal Salon

A Xunquiera

A Xunqueira


This is a painting of the Xunqueira of Cedeira, Galicia, Spain, where I live. "Xunqueira" is Gallego, the language spoken here, and it means "the place where the bulrushes grow," in this case on the banks of the Condomiñas River. The river has a walking path that goes around part of it, with bridges to cross over. I have spent many hours walking on this path, sketching the wild flowers that grow there and taking photos.

In A Xunqueira, the elm trees in bloom, the wildflowers, and some of the inhabitants of this magical place appear, along with their Goddess Protectors.

About Jane Danko: I grew up in southeast Texas, on the banks of the Sabine River, and as a child spent many hours drawing with pencil and crayons the cyprus trees and knees and other flora of the swamp, along with the critters that lived there. The alligators, neutrias, dragonflies, birds, and other fauna were my childhood companions, and the happiness I experienced alongside the Sabine is repeated alongside the Condomiñas in Galicia.

Category: Spring Equinox 2019