Seasonal Salon

Nature's Drums

The Women Are Drummin

We hear the call to gather when Nature plays her drums.
We listen to Her rhythms and begin to play along.
She sends her rain drops to encourage our sounds.
We call the directions and honor Her with songs.

Wet drops bounce off the shelter roofs,
filling our world with nourishing truths,
and exciting us with big thunder pounds,
so much louder than the largest drum found.

We begin to answer Her drum-rolls
by mimicking Her rhythms fast and slow.
Singing, “We're here together, the gathering's done.
The women have come to unite as one.”

The rainbow of souls resonate to and fro,
like a bouquet of flowers, a beautiful show.
Using the surface of a drum's tight face,
entrained, we dance and entrance the space.

Food is shared and warm hugs, given.
Abundance is heard in the beats of life and liven'.
Stories are told and wisdom un-hidden;
all played through the hands of the amazing women.

We can dare ourselves to take a risk,
and for a moment forget our busy lists.
We don't care cause we're hav'in some fun,
learning from Nature how to play our drums.



Louie Laskowski, visual artist, retired art teacher/35 years, drummer. She is an ordained priestess of RCGI. Retired, she is in full renewal for the rest of her life as crone and artist.

Category: Spring Equinox 2019