Seasonal Salon

RCGI Spring Logo


Sid Reger asked me to create a logo for RCGI's 35th celebration. She wanted something that would include the "Triple Crescent Moon" logo. After trying a few times, this one surfaced. I wanted joyful colors, a spring feeling for growth, and a turquoise blue full moon supporting the movement of the three woven crescents. Trumpet flowers came to me once I started the final image. At first, I worked with ivy, and they disappeared once the trumpet vine came to forward. The trumpet vine is symbolic for fame and renewal, and once the plant is firmly rooted, it spirals upward, offering gorgeous orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers, and finally wraps up the season with large bursting seed-pods.


Blue morning-glories came next, also a vine with flowers and seeds. To look into the center of the heavenly blue color is to see beauty and inspiration, and that thought and experience was my reason to include them. Forget-Me-Nots, daisies, and pentagram-stars were also included to represent memories, herbal medicines, and protection. The hummingbird, butterfly, and bee, provide the elements of flight, pollination, and honey. Oh, how sweet it is to have created a magical rainbow for the 35 years that RCGI has served the sacred needs of women. May this organization continue to evolve and exist for many more years.

Louie Laskowski, visual artist, retired art teacher/35 years, drummer. She is an ordained priestess of RCGI. Retired, she is in full renewal for the rest of her life as crone and artist.



Category: Spring Equinox 2019