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Worthy of Shelf Space

Spring is the time of the daughter, the maiden, the blood sister. We hold hands and remember the joy of new beginnings. Revel in the ability of children to improve the world. Explore the carefully crafted world of three generations of Hoosier women.

Take these books to the closest flower garden and enjoy the world.

Something Old:

The Last Wild Witch, Starhawk, Mother Tongue Ink, 2009

The time of the divine girl child brings a chance to revisit Starhawk’s beloved eco-fable. Spring ignites growth, and this lovely little children’s book reminds us of the importance of flexibility and change. Lindy Kehoe’s gorgeous illustrations provide richness and texture to enhance the story. Much like Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, this tale inspires youngsters to make positive change on behalf of the earth.
Get a copy for the tiny budding witches in your life. Use it to discuss today’s climate crisis.

Something New:

The Thousandth Telling, 

Mothers and Daughters.

Nancy VanArsdall weaves a story of determined Indiana women, spanning a turbulent twentieth century. Anna is the matriarch--- suffragist, teetotaler, acquaintance of both President Harrison and Alice Paul. Passionate, beautiful Ruth is the youngest of her children. She struggles to find the way to navigate a life torn between her instinctive need for racial tolerance and her desire to conform to class expectations. Dianna is Ruth’s daughter. Dianna mirrors her grandmother’s passion for social activism when she discovers the up-and-coming women’s movement and joins the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Throughout the story, each of the generations must cope with the needs of her husband. All of them face the challenges of finding their own voices while maintaining family structures. The novel highlights the lack of female financial security, the need for birth control, and the unavailability of relationship options.

I particularly love the supporting characters. Katy O’Malley, the Irish immigrant midwife, tells the stories of Brigid and teaches ancient rituals of the Goddess. Marte, Anna’s “sister-friend” is the fascinating writer who devotes her life to the stories of women. Lillie, Dianna’s best friend, is always there, from times of despair to celebrations of the successes of feminism.

Read this amazing saga of womanhood. Thank you, Nancy, for writing it.


Renee Rabb is an ordained RCGI priestess who lives with her wife, Barbara, on the Big Island of Hawaii in a place called Paradise Park. She still reads a lot and is learning the meaning of aloha.

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