Seasonal Salon

From the Editor

Spring Equinox—a time of promise. Days lengthen, trees begin to bud, snow drifts soften and melt, and birds sing more cheerily…until a sleet storm sends us back indoors and reminds us that the turning of The Wheel is not a linear journey.

The daffodils in our courtyard emerged from the cold hard ground in early February. Their sturdy sprouts continued to grow in spite of the icy rains, sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow. Their perseverance in the face of the harsh elements makes real the promise of Spring.

May you celebrate the season with us. Our offerings in this issue of the Seasonal Salon are as varied and colorful as any spring garden. We offer the honoring of one of our elders, a collection of art that promises a smile of appreciation, writing that may inspire, suggested books that will seduce you into taking time away to be entertained and enlightened.

We hold the hope that you, too, may share your creativity. Submissions of art, poetry, ritual and essays are welcome.


Category: Spring Equinox 2019