Seasonal Salon

Daily Celebrations from Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice

DeAnna Alba, before her death, was a Priestess who was a member of the Congregation. She created these “Daily Celebrations” as a way for women of the Congregation to share a spiritual practice. Although many of us live great distances from each other, knowing that another woman is placing a rose on her altar or traveling to a nearby woods to celebrate is one of the ways we can link and share our connection to each other and the Goddess.

Please be aware that the ideas posted here are suggestions. You are not required to do them or required to do them as written. If you are unable, disinterested, or unwilling to do anything please feel free to ignore the suggested activity. The important thing is that you celebrate your special spirituality as a Goddess Woman, not that you participate in any specific activity. As many of the suggested activities require items that you may need to find or for which you might need to plan you may want to read ahead a few days so you can get ready.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions and that they bring depth to your path.

Jade River
Consistery Executive
Re-formed Congregation of The Goddess-International


  • September 21-Day of Dedication to Morrigan-known for Her singing. Sing an invocation to Her, feed crows (Her animal form).
  • September 22-Autumnal Equinox; Death of the Goddess Tiamat-Study the lore of dragons (Tiamat’s animal form). Burn blue candles for Her sky and sea aspects.
  • September 23-Day of Worldwide Prayer for Earth, Greater Eleusian Mysteries begin. Place a stalk of wheat on your altar and do magic for world peace.
  • September 24-Feast of Our Lady of Mercy. Clear misunderstandings with others.
  • September 25-Birthday of Daughter of Mother Dia. Celebrate yourself as a daughter.
  • September 26-Day of Celebration of the Solar Feminine. Honor the Sun Goddesses today with candles on your altar. Let them burn out, symbolic of the Sun’s decent into darkness which begins at this time of year.
  • September 27-Day of Willows, Mesopotamian Festival of Astarte. Ask a willow tree to give you some of Her leaves. Bring them to your altar, share love with another.
  • September 28-Birthday of the Daughter of Mother Dia. Celebrate yourself today as a daughter.
  • September 29-Festival of Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory and Mother of the Muses. Practice your art in whatever forms it takes.
  • September 30-The Meditrinalia-Roman day to honor Meditrina, Goddess of medicines and healing. Invoke Her and ask for Her healing gifts.


  • October 1-Durga Festival Begins-A great slayer of evil, Durga could help cut negativity from your life. Ask Her assistance today.
  • October 2-Druidic Feast of Guardian Spirits. If you have spirit guardians in your life, this is a good day to “feed” them. Leave herbal offerings.
  • October 3-Narawu, Hopi Women’s Fertility Rituals. If you are trying to conceive, make a fertility amulet or draw fertile energy into an amulet to wear constantly until you become pregnant. Or light a candle and meditate on drawing creativity into your life.
  • October 4-World Day of Animals. Do a protection spell for your own animals and for those who are neglected and abused.
  • October 5-Day Dedicated to Shekkina-She decided to go into exile with humanity when Adam and Eve were evicted from the garden. She preceded the Children of Israel as a pillar of flame in their exodus from Egypt. Recognize Her in every face you see today.
  • October 6-Feast of the Virgin of Azpopan, Mexican Rain Goddess. If your area needs rain, invoke Her by using a rain rattle, spitting to the west three times, or stirring a pot of water three times while calling Her name. Or ask Her to go the area where she is needed most.
  • October 7-Balinese Festival of the Dead. Put a vase of flowers on your altar in honor of your ancestors, burn an offering of incense to the spirits of departed friends or family.
  • October 8-Minerva’s Day. Spend part of the day intellectualizing or read a book which stretches your intellectual bounds.
  • October 9-Festival of Felicitas, Goddess of Luck. Try yours today. Buy a lottery ticket. Ask someone out on a date. Light a candle and ask Lady Luck to abide in your home.
  • October 10-Festival of the Virgin of the Pillar. Honor someone who supports you in some way.
  • October 11-Day Dedicated to the Goddess Justice. Pick your favorite Goddess of justice and do a ritual for social and economic justice worldwide. Write to your country’s government about an issue that concerns you.
  • October 12-Holiday of Goddess of Happy Journeys. Plan your next vacation and ask Her blessing.
  • October 13-Last Appearance of Our Lady of Fatima, 1917. A sighting of the Goddess Mary. She appeared to a group of children-and spoke to the girls. They gave Her message to the Pope but little is known of its content. Invoke Her concerning your future.
  • October 14-Durga Puja, Indian Rites of Sacrifice to Kali Durga-An amalgamation of Kali and Durga in their aspects as Goddess of the cycle-particularly endings. Cut away the outworn or unnecessary in order to make room for something better. Have Her help you decide where you need to “clean house” then do a ritual of severance.
  • October 15-Day Dedicated to Freya-Her withdrawal from Earth this time of year brought late Fall and Winter. Light a candle for Her safe return.
  • October 16-Birthday of Pandrosus, First Priestess of Athena. Celebrate with your favorite birthday traditions.
  • October 17-Kanname-Sai, Japanese Festival of the First Grain. Include rice food in your meals today and offer some on your altar.
  • October 18-Great Horned Fair in England, basically, a harvest festival. Enjoy the products of the current harvest.
  • October 19-Day of Izanami in Japan-Creatrix Goddess who birthed the world and fire and later ruled as Queen of the Underworld. Honor creation and decay at your altar. Make something small and good to eat and bury it near a tree.
  • October 20-Chung Yeung, Festival of the Ancestors. Set up your altar in preparation for Hallows.
  • October 21-Feast of St. Ursula of the Bears. Eat fish and/or berries, taking on the strength of the Bear Goddess as you do.
  • October 22-Day Dedicated to Ishtar-a love Goddess, among other things. Use your imagination.
  • October 23-Day Dedicated to Pele-Goddess of fire and volcanoes. Invoke Her aid in something you’d like to see turned inside out/reversed.
  • October 24-Feast of the Spirits of the Air. Celebrate qualities of elemental Air: the mind, intellect, youth, and beginnings. Go to the library; spend the day with a child. Start a new project. Make a decision.
  • October 25-Festival of Han Lu, Goddess of Moon and Harvest. Remember the Moon’s effect on the growth of crops. Plant a seed or eat some seeds. Make an offering of seeds or incense on your altar.
  • October 26-Day Dedicated to White Buffalo Woman. Wear white. Offer cornmeal to the spirits of the Earth. Contemplate the meaning of the white buffalo born in Southern Wisconsin in 1994.
  • October 27-Owagit, Hopi Festival of Woman as Womb of Life. Honor a pregnant woman or midwife. Pamper a pregnant animal.
  • October 28-Day Dedicated to Sacred Lovers. Enjoy your sacred lover today.
  • October 29-Iroquois Feast of the Dead. Take offerings of sage, tobacco, cornmeal, or herbs to a graveyard for spirits for the departed.
  • October 30-Los Angelitos-Mexican day to pray for the souls of dead children. Ask for the end of street and family violence.
  • October 31-Hallows-Time when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest. Honor the spirits of the dead.


  • November 1-Irish Festival of The Goddess Tea-Goddess of Tara itself, the spiritual center of Ireland. She is a Goddess of the Land. Light a candle for the land.
  • November 2-Autumn Festival of Isis. Celebrate the magical ability of Isis to re-member by re-membering yourself. Make a clay image of yourself to have on your altar.
  • November 3-Day of Dedication to the Ban-Sidhe-Irish fairy women particularly associated with heralding death. For those not seeking death, avoid root vegetables. Write “death” on a rock and throw it as far from you as possible.
  • November 4-Day Dedicated to Horned Animals. Leave food for some in the woods.
  • November 5-Wuwuchim, Hopi Fire Ceremony. Have one of your own. Use a fireplace if you have one, candles at the South of your altar if you don’t. Meditate on the element of fire. Take its energy into yourself if you need it, or write something on paper that you’d like to see transformed.
  • November 6-Birthday of the Goddess Tiamat-Primordial Goddess of the sea, She later created the Earth and Sky from Her body. Honor Her at your altar with salt water and incense.
  • November 7-Festival of Pele in Hawaii. Have some fun, build a volcano out of clay. Put some vinegar in the crater, and then sprinkle baking soda over the vinegar. Watch Pele emerge and make a wish.
  • November 8-Japanese Festival of the Goddess of the Hearth. Clean your fireplace today (or your oven if you don’t have a fireplace.) Re-lay and light a fire (or cook a treat) remembering the hearth (or oven) as the center of the home and spiritual (or physical) nourishment.
  • November 9-Lay Krathong, Thai Festival of the River Goddess Mae Kongkha. Make an offering of salt in a river today to honor the Goddess of the river and ask that its waters run pure.
  • November 10-French Women’s Festival of Reason and Liberty. Join an organization that works for women’s rights or do some volunteer work for women today.
  • November 11-Lunanthishees, Irish Day of the Faerie Sidhe. Leave milk/honey at the base of an oak tree.
  • November 12-Day Dedicated to Justicia. Do a ritual for peace today remembering that peace isn’t the absence of war, it’s the presence of justice.
  • November 13-Day of Our Lady of Garabandal, or Cermel, in Spain-Four children in Spain saw a vision of the Great Goddess on this day. See your own vision of Her today.
  • November 14-Druidic Feast of the Bards. Give a song to someone today or give the gift of music to a friend in some other way.
  • November 15-Festival of Italian Fire Goddess, Feronia. Celebrate with a fire outside today. This Goddess likes the wild places and abhors cities and towns. Cook a harvest meal over a fire.
  • November 16-Night of Hecate. Leave an offering at a place where three roads meet and ask Her for a dream.
  • November 17-Feast of St. Hilda, Matron of Professional Women-good day to apply for a job. Honor Her at work by bringing in treats for everyone, or by offering Her honey in your morning office drink.
  • November 18-Day of Ardvi, Persian Mother of the Stars. Pray to your favorite star Goddess by star gazing tonight. Look up the myth of your favorite constellation.
  • November 19-Hindu Festival of Sisters and Brothers. Family ties are a part of who we are. Attempt to correct ill feelings with siblings today. If you have no siblings, call a sister of the spirit.
  • November 20-Revolution Day in Mexico. Invoke your favorite Goddess of change today with an offering in fire at your altar. Name the change you’d like brought about.
  • November 21-Feast of Maid Marian-Goddess incarnate in the Robin Hood legend. Celebrate the Goddess incarnate in you today.
  • November 22-Feast of St Cecelia, Matron of Music. Play an instrument, listen to music.
  • November 23-Japanese Rice and Saki Festival. Celebrate with traditional Asian food or place a bowl of rice on your altar.
  • November 24-U.S. Thanksgiving. Give thanks for the bounty of the harvest and bless native peoples everywhere.
  • November 25-St. Catherine’s Day-Matron of Unmarried Women. Celebrate your individuality or have dinner with a woman friend.
  • November 26-Day of Parvati, Mother of the Universe-Inspiriting force of the Universe. Let Her enliven your life.
  • November 27-Day Dedicated to the Triple Goddess. Honor Her phases in your own life.
  • November 28-Day of Sophia-Hebrew Goddess of Wisdom, strongly connected to Christian esoteric tradition. Light a candle for Her today at your altar.
  • November 29-Feast of Sekhmet, Lioness Goddess. Use Her searing fire to burn away the unwanted or outworn from your life.
  • November 30-Day of Mawu, Mother Goddess-African Creatrix Goddess, She made Earth and humanity. Spend today in creative pursuits.



  • December 1-Rosa Parks Day. Take or give a class in overcoming racism. Invoke an African deity and ask Her to help you overcome your own internalized racism.
  • December 2-Hari Kugo, Japanese Festival of Women’s Crafts. Practice yours today, dedicating it to the appropriate Goddesses as you do.
  • December 3-Feast of Fauna, Goddess of Animals. Pamper your pet(s) or make a donation to the Humane Society. Leave a food offering for Her and the animals in the woods.
  • December 4-Festival of Pallas Athena, Goddess of Cities. Take a walk though the city nearest you looking for signs of Her presence. Leave Her an offering. Do a ritual for the safety of urban women before your altar.
  • December 5-First Feast of St. Lucina, Italy-Italic Sun Goddess. Spend some time outside in the sun or burn a candle on your altar for Her.
  • December 6-Yule Child Day. Honor Persephone or the newborn Goddess in yourself.
  • December 7-Mevlana, Turkish Festival of Whirling Dervishes. If you can, celebrate Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Goddesses through dance, particularly spinning dances. Some consider them to be an excellent way to induce an altered state of consciousness. If this is not possible for you, place a pinwheel on your altar and blow it into life.
  • December 8-Day of Anahita, Persian Goddess of Waters-Mother, protector and nurturer of Her people. Leave Her an offering of pure water on your altar today. Also known as the Mother of Sobriety; invoke Her for help if you are in recovery.
  • December 9-Feast of Tonantzin, Virgin of Guadalupe-Aztec Mother Goddess honored at Winter Solstice by women in white, covered with shells and eagle feathers, who danced in the streets. Wear white, wear a shell necklace, carry a feather or two.
  • December 10-International Human Rights Day, Dedicated to the Goddess Liberty. Put a figurine or picture of the statue of Liberty on your altar. Call or write your senators and representatives regarding human/women’s right’s issues. Make a contribution to a human rights organization.
  • December 11-Day of Bruma, Roman Goddess of Winter. If there is snow where you are, make a Snow Goddess and name her Bruma by throwing water over Her face to freeze your work. Or fix an Italian meal using root vegetables. Decorate your altar with snowflakes and icicles.
  • December 12-Day Dedicated to Coatlique-Mexican Mother of the cycle. Honor Her by wearing or carrying white feathers today. Wearing bone or claw jewelry would be appropriate as well. Add snake images to your altar in Her honor.
  • December 13-Lucina’s Day-Already honored on the 5th of this month. Repeat that pattern or invoke Her aid in a difficult project.
  • December 14-Celebration of Creation, Dedicated to Spider Woman-Creatrix of the Universe and all within it. Some believe we are connected to Her via a piece of Her web attached to our crown charka/creative center. To remain connected we must use our creativity. Do so today.
  • December 15-Beginning of Halcyon Days, Seven Days of Bliss Before Yule. Begin your Yule decorating.
  • December 16-Day of Sapientia, Roman Goddess of Wisdom. Honor your own wisdom today by sharing part of it with someone you cherish.
  • December 17-Beginning of Saturnalia, Roman Yule festival-it was an extravagant party and time of overindulgence and fun. Take it from there.
  • December 18-Feast of Our Lady of Solitude-She is Isis, Yemaya, Kwan Yin, Mary, Coatlique or your Matron deity. Spend some time alone today. Burn a single candle as an offering to Her.
  • December 19-Hindu Solstice Dedicated to Sarasvati-Goddess of music and the arts. Honor Her with music today.
  • December 20-Day Dedicated to Psyche. Celebrate your accomplishments, today; be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come.
  • December 21-Winter Solstice. Celebrate with lots of candles and/or stay up all night keeping vigil for the Sun’s rebirth.


Jade River is the co-founder of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International—the first legally incorporated tax-exempt religion serving the women’s spiritual community. She is the creator of the Women’s Thealogical Institute, the first organization to nationally offer in-depth training for women seeking education in Goddess religion and, for some, ordination as Priestesses. She is the author of several books, including: Tying the Knot: A Gender-neutral Guide to Handfastings or Weddings for Pagans and Goddess Worshippers; To Know: A Guide to Women’s Magic and Spirituality, and a number of other publications dealing with the Goddess and women’s spirituality.


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