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Goodbye to Sun Flowers: Personal Ritual For Fall Equinox 2016

I begin to see the changes of the season in small ways in Texas. The cold tap water has gone from almost hot to luke warm. The flowers that grace our highways are changing too, preparing for the dark half of the year. The light is shifting texture and the trees are crisping up. Soon they will release their leaves, as they always do, making ready for their journey inside. Still the Earth is baking, days are hot from Summer’s prime and yet, a cool breeze comes randomly now to slow our Mother down. There will be fall gardens: cilantro, dill, tomatoes and okra made ready for their second chance. But Summer’s glory is passing and it’s time to turn the Wheel.

And so I sit on my back porch to listen to the trees, the frogs and wind. I take the time to mark the turning and think inventory of my blessings as well as what must be left behind.

I light a candle for the animals in my woods who eat our offerings of fruits and vegetables to Artemis. They delight me with eyes glowing from the shadows or mating songs that call out into the balmy nights.

I light a second candle for gratitude—for the abundance and harvests of the light half of the year. Love shines its beauty on my partnership and home. We have opened the curtains to let the light in and viewed the land from inside our home. We are reclaiming this house as our home.

I light another candle for the grief and pain of loss. So many sisters loosing parents and siblings, loved ones and friends. Friends telling the truth about the reality of their childhoods, the care not received, the protection sorely lacking. Friends who have moved away to the next chapter in their book, leaving behind communities and homes they have cherished. Changing partnerships. Grieving of losses in mobility and self determination. Sisters being real about their limitations and what that means in the story of themselves. Change forced upon sisters with no warning or time to prepare. The cycle of life and all that comes with it played out dramatically in my community. I ask for Isis to wrap her healing arms around us as we pass through what we must, to live on this planet.

I light a candle for the joy and adventures many of my retired sisters are experiencing. The travel and time to read, hang out in the trees or at the pool doing absolutely nothing but being in the moment. For the FaceBook pictures of sisters relaxing, reconnecting with the Mother, or old friends along the way. For friends coming to visit, for Thanksgiving with friends with no family expectations. For the Festival of the Goddess in its 24th year. The Maiden program, the heart of our festival. For our annual gathering at Hallows with my spiritual community where I am certain to be re-filled, loved and respected; where an energy of belonging envelopes me to see me through the Deep.

I light a final candle, for sisters who contain their fear about our November elections, so as to focus their precious energy to the best possible outcome. For sisters who have worked tirelessly for the possibility of the 1st female, feminist president. For the people in our world whose voice is heard through fear mongering and hate. For the dying and decaying Patriarchy—less excepting than are we, about the cycles of life and the turning of the Wheel.

The candles illuminate my back porch and I sit thinking about the balance of Fall Equinox. It plays out consistently in my life. The sweet and the sad. The strife and the gratitude. Longing and grace. Joy and grief. Shame and worthiness. The sun and the moon. What a gift the cycles of life are when you actually pay attention.

And so, I say goodbye to sunflowers and open my heart and spirit to seeing things as they truly are, not as I would have them be. May the Goddess of 10,000 Names witness our rite as the Wheel turns and the darkness grows once again.


Sally Jeaux is an ordained Priestess of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess. She also identifies as a Therapist, a Ritualist, a feminist and follower of The Wheel. As a seeker, she loves to learn about spiritual practices and study The Goddess and Her ways. Sally uses her creative energy to write liturgy, craft altars and make spiritually based art. Sally lives a blessed life, working the mysteries, with her delicious partner Boye in Austin, Texas. 


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