Seasonal Salon

Letter from the Editor

‘Tis the season…bells jingle, the halls are decked, gifts are bought then wrapped. The aroma of baking cookies and fruit cake, pumpkin and pecan pies float in the air. Too much to do in too short a time. It is the time of Christmas and Santa Claus, of bell ringers with red pots, cards to be signed, and… Christmas music from “Santa Baby” to “Winter Wonderland” to “Silent Night” spills from every store.

Ahhhh, Silent Night…… we long for the cacophony of the season to be silenced. We yearn for the hush of Winter Solstice, as we wait for the illumination of the returning light. For those of us who don’t “do Christmas,” the silence through the longest night is the only gift for we desire. Indeed, in the dark, in the deep, in the hush of Winter Solstice, we reflect, we hope. While we await the promise of the returning light, we may honor those who have born witness to our journey; we may re/member our spiritual lineage.

May the offerings in this issue of the Seasonal Salon accompany you into the Deep.

Nancy VanArsdall is an ordained Priestess of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess. She has completed an historical fiction novel, A Thousandth Telling, based on her suffragist grandmother. She published Coming Full Circle, Honoring the Rhythms of Relationships, in 1996, available through RCGI. She has returned home to Indianapolis with her beloved.


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