Seasonal Salon

Spring Equinox Personal Ritual

I have wild flowers in my hair!

I’m the Laughing Maiden now

Light and Darkness balance in me

I am outward facing pure energy

When I laugh, seeds rise from the Mother

When I sigh, vines grow inches in the day

Today I make a sacrifice, for the trees’ rising sap

I bring the Spring winds so I can dance, dance, dance!

Flowers bloom in honor of me; animals mate in the bush

I am Laughing Maiden

Sweet herbs grow in my hair!


I am on my back porch—cool wind and moonshine

Candles won’t stay lit tonight

Breeze is too frisky

I’m thinking about the serial bomber been

Striking down innocents for days

I’m listening to the trees talk Spring

Oak leaves drop, making tiny sounds, but many

Owl voices praises to the new Season

Life is perfect in this moment

Just in this Spring fed moment

I chant to this Spring drama—passionate shaking leaves accompany me


I feel the urgency in all things

It’s a sexy, deep, pulsing sensation in my cunt

“I am released,” I say

My prayers rising up within the smoke 


I know they will be heard

I know that I am seen

It’s my time


The moments on the way from Imbolc to Beltane

The balance point, a moment’s respite

Turning toward bloom and vegetables

The fullness of Summer

Brief but glorious

I am


May the Goddess bless us in this season

May all beings be well.  All beings be happy and all beings be safe

Blessed be!

Sally Jeaux is an ordained Priestess of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess.  She also identifies as a Therapist, a Ritualist, a feminist and follower of The Wheel.  As a seeker, she loves to learn about spiritual practices and study The Goddess and Her ways.  Sally uses her creative energy to write liturgy, craft altars and make spiritually based art.  Sally lives a blessed life, working the mysteries, with her delicious partner Boye in Austin, Texas

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