Seasonal Salon

Feminism Musing, March 2018, International Women's Month

   Proving yourself to be a feminist by making decisions based on what others think is not feminism. 

     People have their agendas and will eagerly label you not a feminist if you make a choice that is not what they want.

     Feminism dares you to choose your own heart and mind against the will of others. 

     Making decisions which appear not to be feminist, but serves your individual needs, is feminist.

     Proving to others that one is a feminist is a fake action, fraudulent feminism.  

     Being a bad feminist as Roxane Gay explores in her book, “Bad Feminist”, is gloriously feminist! 

     Sovereignty is essential to feminism. 

     Walking your path takes courage.

     And that is, to me, Feminism, capitalized.  


Louie Laskowski, visual artist, retired art teacher/35 years, drummer. She is an ordained  priestess of  RCGI. Retired, she is in full renewal for the rest of her life as crone and artist.

Category: Spring Equinox 2018