Seasonal Salon

Voices of Our Foremothers

Ginni Clemmons was a blues & folk singer/song writer and an early feminist. She was well known on the stages of our music festivals, last appearing at the National Women’s Music Festival in 2002. Ginni moved to Hawaii in the late 80’s or early 90’s. She had just completed recording her last album when she was killed in an auto accident at age 66. Her words are especially timely with Mama Pele’s current activity. These lines are from a song titled Volcano Mama on her album titled Underneath Hawaiian skies.

‘I see shafts of golden sunlight

Moving like lover’s hands

On the land that holds our Mother

On the land that meets the sand

On the sand that meets the water

And the tides that come and go

As if to heal Her broken heart

Of injuries untold.”


Thank you Ginni


Blessed be the people of Hawaii   and especially our sisters, Renee Rabb and Barbara Cigainero who do

Our Mother’s work in Hawaii now.


MG (Mary Gaul) is a Faerie Guardian, Ordained Priestess of RCG-I. She is a healer and works with sound and stones and crystals. She loves elephants.

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