Seasonal Salon

Night Visions

“The woman’s place of power within each of us is neither white nor surface; it is dark, it is ancient, it is deep.”   Audre Lorde




A young girl in first blood enters the room by moonlight

And sits there, curled.


In the morning they find the purple stain, and,

Confused, cover it.

They use a blue lap robe. Patched.


When a bear enters Camp they say cautionary things:

Stand tall.  Make lots of noise.  Wave your arms.

Don’t run.


Artemis dressed her girls in bear skins and

Danced with them in shady glades,

Around and around her temple.


Power and Blood and Bear Skin


My husband stood outside the circle at Brauron

And, teasingly, covered his genitals

With the fig leaf he found growing there.



Lee Verner is a retired Marriage and Family Therapist.  She lives in a cabin in the woods outside of Durango, Colorado with her husband, birds, a neighborly cat, deer, and occasional curious bears.

Category: Summer Solstice 2018