Seasonal Salon

Grandmother Spider

This piece is my interpretation of Grandmother Spider, created as a project of my WTI Cella program. I chose this piece because I view Grandmother Spider as the weaver of deeper connections. She connects all life through the webs she weaves. I feel connected to her through my work as a mental health and addictions therapist. My work is about making connections to others so that they in turn will make positive differences in their lives and those they come into contact with. I also love Grandmother Spider for her connection to fiber artists. I find so much joy, creativity, magic and healing in the world of fiber art. One final thing I learned about doing this piece was that it is about the journey of creating and not the perfection of the piece. At first I was disappointed that my piece didn’t turn out exactly as I envisioned it. Instead she turned out exactly as she was meant to be, a little off center like me and full of opportunity to learn and grow.

Category: Summer Solstice 2018