Seasonal Salon

By Their Lives: Kim Duckett and Jade River

Two of our own have released books since our last issue, Spring Equinox! We honor these two priestesses who, without question, have established themselves in our lineage

Stories are imagined, spoken, witnessed and passed along, often as oral history. Like the game “telephone,” they, most likely, begin as one version that may or may not be told and retold, are changed, misheard, misinterpreted, and finally settle into a tale that may or may not have any resemblance to its origin.

A book, however, such as Jade River’s In Our Bones, is a compelling story that will be read and treasured by many of us who feelthe familiarity of the women of Malia. Likewise, Kim Duckett’s The Wheel of the Year as an Earth-Based Spiritual Psychology for Women will resonate with us, teaching how to thrive when we follow The Wheel.

A book is an undertaking unlike many other creative projects. The seed of an idea is planted, incubated, nourished, tended, reconsidered, questioned, doubted, and expanded, edited and edited again. It is nurtured with anticipation and excitement and hope.

A book may be left fallow and neglected for weeks, months, or even years. Then the story may take off seemingly on its own trajectory, leading us into unbidden territory, the words coming faster than the pen can write…until the energy wanes. We wait impatiently, hoping for the next surge of ideas which may come in the midst of a hike or in the middle of the night, perhaps even in a dream. The writing of a book is a daunting undertaking. This writer can attest to that truth! Had Kim known that her book, The Wheel of the Year…would require ten years of creating, researching, writing—not to mention all those footnotes, would we be graced with the gift of her words of wisdom, of a concept, a psychology that resonates with us women as no other writer has done? Or would Jade have persevered having suddenly lost her dear and respected editor?

Both books speak to us women in unique and nurturing ways: we are given language, truths, and herstory that reach into very deep and forgotten places in our body memory, places patriarchy has systemically obliterated.

We are living in a time of female erasure, a time when the unalienable rights for which we have tirelessly fought are being stolen back—again!

So it is all the more significant that these two women, priestesses of RCG-I, have courageously persisted that we may re/member our truth…, re/member when we thrived in a matrifocal culture, re/member when women were strong and men were kind, when women led full and spiritual lives in a culture focused on the needs of women and their children.

The Wheel offers a path through which we can explore, and, perhaps, re/member the eight holy days providing us with a psycho-spiritual guide for understanding and responding to the processes we women experience throughout our lives, thus achieving emotional health, personal power and purpose once again.

Thank you, women. By your lives, we are enriched.

A few years ago, Kim Duckett, Jade River, Kip Parker, and I created “Nine Pentacles.” Its original purpose was to be the name for our self-publishing venture. Nine Pentacles evolved into a writing support group…supporting, encouraging one another. Jade was completing her book, In Our Bones; Kim was researching and writing The Wheel of the Year as an Earth-based Spiritual Psychology for Women;and I had returned to my manuscript,The Thousandth Telling (publication in process). It was Kip who led the way! She was the first to publish: Planting Rite, Book One of The Remember’s Tales.

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