Seasonal Salon


Regarding the painting of Sekhmet, I really hadn´t planned to do it...she more or less emerged onto the icon board I was working on. I was in my art studio in Bulgaria, painting images of Sheela na Gigs on traditional icon boards( the Bulgarians use them to make religious images). The board I was working on had a rounded top, and I was inspired to make it into a disc of some sort. At first I thought I´d make it into a halo, but as I added gold and yellow tones to it, I had a big desire to make it into a sun. The long, dark and cold winters of Norway seemed very far away and I guess this glorious hot summer solstice day in my place in Thrace seemed in complete contrast to that. I remember feeling that the last time I had felt the sun on my back was in Egypt, and that´s when I thought of Sekhmet....and that´s how simply it happened...Sekhmet appeared!


Jakki Moore has had a fascination with ancient sites since she was a child. She believes that they hold secrets for humanity that we have yet to discover. An eternal student of life and world traveler, she is particularly interested in creating her art to bring attention to causes that are dear to her heart: human rights, women´s issues and animal welfare.

Category: Summer Solstice 2018